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Terrell Brings the "Love On You," In His Pop-Inspired Expressions

Today we're introducing Los Angeles-based performer, entertainer, singer, and songwriter Terrell. With quality and captivating charm, Terrell is your heart-throb, R&B lover boy that has listeners reeled in, either due to the flirtatious tones or downright harmonious range.

His first release debuted in 2017, which racked in over 100k streams over the first few months of its release. Today, Terrell still pushes for his music to be heard among the masses and continues with a new release, titled "Love On You."

"Love On You" has such a funky and fresh introduction, and this immediately gets us hooked on what's to come from Terrell. The production makes use of flavourful synths--think bright, vibrant, and full of stimulating energy.

Strongly rooted in pop-inspired influences, "Love On You" may give you a similar vibe to the likes of artists such as Jason Derulo. Terrell envelopes what the new age, R&B-inspired pop era is and with "Love On You," he works to cement his spot in the music industry.

Terrell explores the lustful, physical elements of love with artist LINCOLN in "Love On You." Yes, that's right, Terrell includes artist LINCOLN in this single, and she's able to bring truly harmonistic and simply fun details to Terrell's song. It wouldn't be surprising to find "Love On You" hitting the Top 100 soon.

In terms of future music, Terrell plans to release his debut album this winter so stay tuned for more of his personable expressions soon.

How does it feel to finally have debuted "Love On You?"

Thank you for having me! It feels so good to have this record out in the world finally. It's also somewhat bittersweet to let it go because the creative process for this song was so fun from start to finish. This was a more memorable creative moment for me and my collaborators.

How was your experience collaborating with artist LINCOLN in "Love On You?" Do you see yourselves collaborating again?

Working with Lincoln was so fun and effortless. I recorded my part and had an open verse that I debated the direction to take for a while. Lincoln and I had also recently started working together on her music, and I was obsessed with everything she did, so I asked if she'd be down to get on Love on You. My other collaborators Gorq (producer), Rhyan (co-writer), and I went to her place to finish the song with her verse, and it came out perfectly. You'll be hearing more from us! I'm so glad I chose her.

What kind of theme would you say you were predominantly attempting to get across in "Love On You?"

I wanted this song to be fun and flirtatious. When we started writing it, Rhyan (co-writer) had the idea to add the Fergie flip, and from there, it became more and more like an early 2000s pop vibe, which I'm obsessed with.

With your upcoming album release set to occur this winter, can listeners expect the songs on your album to be similar to the general vibe delivered in "Love On You?"

Love on You is one of a kind, but there are more pop, the early 2000s, reminiscent, and flirtatious tracks on the album. On my album, there are three acts, and each one has a sort of different energy. Expect a lot of drama and ups and downs. There are a lot of bright moments but also a lot of dark ones. I tried to explore sonically as much as possible while keeping a general theme, so I think there's something for everyone to enjoy

What's next for Terrell?

My debut album, PHILAUTIA, is dropping this winter, and I'm so excited to introduce the world to who I am as an artist. I look forward to going deeper into my creative bag and doing things I've yet to do with this album, like performances, music videos, and more. The short answer: world domination! That's the medium-long answer.


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