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Terry Bright Drops Explosive Summer Banger “North Florida Flow”

Terry Bright is an alluring and impressive singer/songwriter born and raised in Pensacola, Florida. Now residing in Atlanta, Georgia, his upbeat hip-hop style and summer bangers can be credited to his traditional southern upbringing in gospel music and have him rising to the top. Terry’s influences include Usher, TLC, Aaliyah, Ray Charles, Dawn Richard and Ciara. Terry Bright describes his music as a fusion of Dawn Richard and Frank Ocean.

Released this May, his newest single “North Florida Flow” has been proclaimed a summer sizzle and it’s not hard to hear why. The upbeat back beat paired with Terry Bright’s fresh vocals are a refreshing twist on today’s hip-hop sound. “North Florida Flow” is a killer summer anthem. Terry’s catchy lyrics and addicting melody have me hearing Chris Brown similarities in regards to his expansive range and undeniable talent. “I can do better, watch me do better ” is repeated throughout the dope track, highlighting Terry Bright’s confidence and all-star attitude that he’s clearly earned. As the title describes in “North Florida Flow”, Terry’s credits his unique sound and vivid style to his home roots in the north of the sunshine state, Pensacola, Florida. Check out this new track as soon as possible and stay on the lookout for Terry Bright.

Listen to “North Florida Flow” here and get to know more about Terry Bright below!

Hi Terry! Can you start by telling us more about yourself and how you got started recording your music?

I start singing in church and as a young male my voice started to change. I couldn’t sing the same songs anymore because voice and tone was changing, so I started writing the songs so I can continue singing because my tone has changed. Then I started a YouTube channel and start singing on YouTube, I  wasn’t that great lol But I continue to sing. Then I invested my track scholarship money because I use to run track and I bought me a MacBook and a mic then I started recording my own songs just little demos. That strengthen my songwriting and allowed me to hear how I sound. Then from there I started taking my demos and going to the studio to record them. But it wasn’t like I went into a huge studio I had a friend who is a rapper in Houston and she help me record my first song at her house call throw my love. And because I moved to Houston at the time I was also a media major at Texas Southern University so I had just learned how to edit videos so I shot my own music video for It. Put it on the YouTube channel that I’ve been growing over the time and put my first official music video and that’s how I started everything lol “whew that was long lol

What’s your new release “North Florida Flow” all about?

North Florida flow is about” doing better”. My next project is called “ Relationship Aren’t Everything” I’m creating a four part owl saga inspired by the last Airbender, but very relatable nothing corny or very gimmicky, something is very relatable, I write all music and I want to be organic about how I feel and how other people may feel. North Florida is where I’m from Pensacola Fl, and I wanted to represent my Florida side just as much as I rep my Houston Texas side. The song is basically about wanting to do better and if things don’t work out then It can only get better it’s about encouraging everybody to do better. All relationship are not worth the stress, I know people work for huge artist like missy Elliot , Ciara, Beyoncé , huge productions and television shows, who tried to slander and trash me as artist, it’s not a about dropping names or blasting these individuals it’s about inspiring people to do better to overcome to rise above the relationship is not always a intimate relationship it could be a friendship and brotherhood , sisterhood.

What inspires you to continue creating music?

The writing , the excitement of creating a song that provokes emotion and inspiration. If you listen to any of my songs they are very creative some of the song titles don’t even have the same words as the title of the songs lol. And as in the Indie artist if we can afford to get on music out there as much as possible then we can be able to live the life you wanna live and have 100% control over everything. That’s beautiful part that’s the goal that what inspires me, Megan thee stallion did It who also going to Texas southern is a huge star right now and she writes he own music.

What would be your dream collaboration?

man listen (laughs) solange , Beyoncé  , frank ocean , SZA , paramore, Jordan bratton, Kendrick Lamar, Dawn Richard from Danity Kane and BRANDY. What a damn wet dream lol yes 

What are some challenges you’ve faced as an artist? How do you overcome them?

promotion lol I don’t believe in buying followers, I truly believe in hard work and taking Risk, and investing my money. Being smart Paying attention to my audience how can I expand my audience. They are so many artist out right now you can get lost in the sauce and feel so discourage. But I try to fight through the hype because that’s all It is someone got more hype then you. For the past two years I have a witness Artist drop a song in the next following year they have the biggest song of that year. Ella mai boo’d up , city girls , cardi b , and Megan thee stallion. They didn’t give up ,sit downThey kept creating music, And that I overcome some of my challenges but promotion and the only thing that I have to overcome I just don’t let things I can’t control,  control me. I’m a singer then go sing , I’m a writer then go write ,put It on YouTube , SoundCloud do it but I’m not gonna sit here and cry about music that people haven’t heard yet , that’s a blessing because you still can  be the hype and have so much new music that people haven’t heard. So long story short I’mHuman it’s can get me down but I’m fighting each and everyday to be hear. 


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