Tesla Arrow Places Us In An Ethereal Environment With “You Are Safe”

The way certain songs captivate us and opens a door for us to walk through and be apart of the song itself requires a level of authenticity and great skill from the artist and Tesla Arrow possesses these qualities and her single “You Are Safe” is an example of this. As the title says, she keeps us safe in her atmosphere she fabricates for us where our emotions can wander throughout the song and come back to us by the end. She caresses and serenades us with her soft voice and sweet melodies that she’s known for.

The backtrack instrumental is very augmented with theatrical and cinematic sounds, bridging the gap between regular pop and idiosyncratic pop music. The electrifying single has many moments where you feel “safe” as she sings, to release any bottled up emotion or compressed thoughts you’ve kept inhibited and repressed. The most significant trait of this synth pop singer from Montreal, is the fact she’s completely self-taught. She put together her own individual image and artistry and she has no fear in showcasing it. Overall, an amazing song that would fit beautifuly on your playlists!

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