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Tewy Has a Leg Up on the Competition with "2adays"

Always one to embrace the grind and think big, Tewy is a visionary that knows hard work is what it takes to make it. His most recent single, “2adays,” takes us into this mindset exclusively as he sways across the borders of multiple genres, showing that talent is one thing, but dedication is a whole other.

With harmonies drowning the speakers in this first self-produced release of Tewy’s, it’s hard not to acknowledge the undeniable amount of work that has gone into a piece of this caliber. Validating a skill set that is well-rounded, “2adays” was written one night after Tewy worked through the production while balancing everything going on in his life. Being a statement track that says no matter how overwhelmed he is, he’ll persevere. It’s that commitment that has Tewy in a league of his own.

Immersing us in melodies more potent than the last, “2adays” is the type of track that will have you reanalyze your priorities list. So be sure to tap in and listen to Tewy across all digital streaming platforms.


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