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Texas Based Artist Boome Impresses With New Single “Runners”

Boome is an artist based out of Dallas, Texas and originally hails from Marietta, Georgia, about 15 minutes north of Atlanta. After releasing his album “Citizen Kane” and hitting the road with legendary rapper Bun B, Boome is back with more releases for his fans. Among his grand plans is a full length album called “Beautiful Dragon” which he plans to release this fall. “I’m happy right now, so the next album is nothing but love songs” is what he had to say about this forthcoming release. Boome has made his rounds and built up his core fan base. He has built a touring reputation by hitting the road with acts such as Juicy J, Machine Gun Kelly and Kid Ink to name just a few.

“Runners” is the latest single offered by Boome. This tune begins with a soulful and melancholic piano, and quickly builds up and transforms into a forward-moving groove. Boome’s vocals are sublime, and seem perfectly placed for the type of music he’s creating. The beat is a great addition to the verses, and sometimes this beat drops out entirely to build suspense and momentum. The simplicity of the piano’s long-held chords provide a great backdrop for Boome’s lyrics. One might actually struggle to pin this song down in terms of genre. At once there are elements of hip hop, RnB, soul and pop. This song has themes of love and togetherness, “Do you ever just wanna run away?” being the question posed throughout. However it doesn’t seem like this question is posed as a means of escapism or fleeing from something, rather an opportunity for two loved ones to be together. Boome has an impressive number of things happening in this song, and he seems to have crafted his own unique voice. We definitely recommend giving “Runners” a listen, and we are excited for the release of Boome’s new album this fall!

Listen to "Runners" here and get to know more about Boome below!

Thanks for answering a few questions! First of all, can you talk a little bit about your background and how you started getting into music in the first place? 

To be honest making music was never my dream as a kid, my older brother and his best friend were both producers. They were about 5 years older than me but I hung out with them almost everyday. I was always a good student and I loved writing essays, so eventually I just started writing to some of the beats they were making. No one really took me seriously at 1st, I was technically just hanging out in the background but secretly I was falling in love with the art of song writing. Eventually I just got really good at writing hooks, at that point everyone started paying attention. Followed up by releasing some projects on my own, at this point I had left college in Columbus, Georgia and moved to Dallas. Starting headlining my own shows, and and caught my 1st break when I got an opportunity to tour with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony on The Rock Bells Tour.

Who would you say your biggest artistic influences are?

On the music side its gotta be Jay-Z just the amount of work he put in to be in a major place of power. He truly has put his self in a position to help on a major scale and he's doing it. He understands that his power can help and I love that. On the visual side it would have to be Steven Spielberg, I love films and I love the courage he has to execute these gigantic amazing visions.

Can you talk a little bit about your process? How do your ideas become fully formed songs?

-My process is a little weird but its mine and I like it. I write every song standing up and I also write every song from the perspective of me being on stage. The advantage of that is it makes my show super intimate.

You grew up outside of Atlanta, Georgia, and now you live in Dallas, Texas. How would you describe the differences between these two places in terms of the music scenes there?

Atlanta is the Mecca of the energy. The music scene in Atlanta is whole another level, I mean its black Hollywood and the artists support each other. In Dallas its a little different although they are starting to cultivate an identity now.

What can we hope to see from you in the future beyond your fall album release?

Well my fall album release is a pivot the fans may have not seen coming, its my evolution and me staying true in the moment. Its a collection of love songs titled Beautiful Dragon. Its the 1st time I will be releasing a full length album fully on that vibe but I'm super excited for it. Beyond that we're putting together my 1st major headline tour centered around the project.


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