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Texas Rapper Dedrick Delivers A Message In “Know Your Worth

Born in Temple Texas, Dedrick has cultivated his sound over the years. Finding a balance between melodic and lyrical, he returned to music in 2019 after his hiatus in 2015. His return has been nothing less than eye-opening and interesting. Music from Dedrick has been quality yet unique with every song. Time can only tell how he'll evolve and grow as a hip hop artist in today's climate.

Dedrick Released his single titled “Know Your Worth” and this song was DOPE. Dedrick gives his listener multiple transitions in his vocals from a regular aggressive rap flow to even showcasing soulful and melodic vocals. Just like his balance of lyrical and melodies, Dedrick gives a constant back and forth punch between both. You don’t know which element of the song you love more! I mean both were so great you couldn’t pick one. “Know Your Worth” was a hit song that had many different dimensions for its listener to unintentionally select their favorite one. “Know Your Worth” had a strong lyrical substance. It was very motivational and inspiring. The entire hook had a powerful and thought-provoking message many young people need to hear. Knowing your self-worth, stopping excuses, and surrounding yourself with healthy individuals with good intentions seemed to be the major theme we took from this song! “Know Your Worth” is an indescribable fire song that will resonate well with the hip-hop audience.

Check out "Know Your Worth" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hey Dedrick! How was it growing up in Texas? What moved you into the direction of music?

Growing up in Texas has always been interesting because I've always been in a position to meet such talented people. From entrepreneurs and businessmen all the way down to dancers and singers. Texas is full of talent, I wouldn't want to be from anywhere else. Since I moved around alot as a kid from various states, I was fortunate enough to absorb the music and make it my own. My earliest memories consist of me being in the backseat of my dads car listening to music on the way to California from Texas or from California to Arizona. Music is something that has always been a soundtrack to my life as far as I can remember so making songs seemed like a natural progression for me. Especially after writing my first song at 11.

How was the return to music after your small hiatus challenging? In what ways was it better for you as an artist?

The return to music wasn't difficult at all because I used my time off to challenge myself and get in a creative space. I would freestyle on a daily basis and give myself topics to rap about, objects around me to rap about, I'd even go as far as not rapping about a specific topic if I noticed it being a reoccurring theme. That was some of the training I put myself through to keep my mind witty. On the writing side, the gap gave me time to record and reassess what I could do better. Whether that meant switching up the beats I used, trying a new flow, or even experimenting with vocals. I looked at the break as my time to grow and evolve. Songs were being made but I kept them to myself and refused to release them, not for qualities sake but because by time I hit the studio again I'd out grow and out do the last song.

We love your style of music! Who are some of your inspirations?

Thank you, some of the artist that inspire me are 2pac, Eminem, Jay Z, DMX, Lil Wayne, Game, Drake, Cole, Kendrick, Gucci Mane, 50 Cent, Tech N9ne, Kanye. Those are some of the artist. But who inspires me behind my music would be my family. My parents pushed me in their own way to become the man that I am. The least I can do is take a leap of faith with my music and keep inspiring people the way they've done for me. I can't leave out my siblings and my friends. If it wasn't for my big brother I wouldn't be as tough or clever as I am. Growing up with boys is very competitive so my brother would push me to toughen up and we would roast day and night, it was his way of showing love. That gave me perspective and helped me think outside the box and be creative. I did the same to my little brothers and my homies because steel sharpens steel.

It seemed to us that “Know Your Worth” had a powerful message behind it. I mean, if it isn’t noticeable in the title! What could be some possible themes behind this record?

I mean, it's all about finding yourself and being unapologetically you no matter what. Its about embracing all parts of yourself and no trying to fit in and conform. There's nothing you and I can't do if you put your all into it. Don't worry about what others say or think. Your value as a person isn't dictated by peoples opinion and thoughts of you. Your worth is characterized by your actions and value you add to others. So, just keep on keeping on and know your worth.

What’s next for you Dedrick?

What's next for me is building my brand and solidifying myself as an artist. My goal is to build the most strongest and loyal fan base because I do this for them. In return, my job is to put out the best content and keep them entertained and growing. With that being said expect content on a weekly or bi weekly basis. I plan on making it on my own with my team, The Ambrosia Effect.


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