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TeXFiles Unravels the Power of New Beginnings in "Genesis"

A unique artist in his own rights, not bound to the norms and circumstances of his harsh upbringings. TeXFiles is a Jamaican-born Hip-hop/Pop artist based in Brampton, Canada.

Over the years, TeXFiles has been perfecting his craft as he evolves and stays true to himself. Bringing forth a familiar style all while staying unique to himself, he explores the realm of Trap, Pop-Rock, and a little Reggae for a smorgasbord of sounds.

Imprinting life’s natural progressions through his most recent single, “Genesis,” TeXFiles uses this metaphor to signify new beginnings. The dark instrumentation is steered by resonant guitar riffs that chug their way through the speakers before they find their place in the forward mix of this Rock meets Rap bop.

Enlisting the artistic virtuoso of prominent up and coming artists Fiyah Mc and EverythingOShauN, the dynamism that is shared between these unique talents brings textured dimensions to a cognizant offering of significant changes when beginning a new journey. The lyrically thrilling essence of this record latches onto the solidified roots that are cemented into Hip-hop. Bringing forth a sense of nostalgia through what we feast upon, there’s more than meets the eye to TeXFiles.

Carrying forth unmatched confidence that comes from truly learning the ropes of your life, “Genesis,” has us hanging onto words such as, ‘It's just the way we live. It's just the life we know.’ Shifting the vibrations to an elevated frequency, we admire the truth that has gone into the framework of this track. TeXFiles has us all-embracing the start of something new as he lets us meet the vulnerability we desire.

Hello TeXFiles, welcome to BuzzMusic, and a big congratulations on the release of your latest single “Genesis.” In your own words, what does this song say about you as an individual and artist?

Thank you, This song for me is very special. I feel I touched on something new as an artist in my personal musical journey. To me, it shows growth in not being scared to experiment with different styles of music and I feel like this is an opening and a great opportunity to continue to try different things musically, not being scared to step out the bounds and norms to come up with unique style and product for fans to listen to and love.

Enlisting the talents of Fiyah Mc and EverythingOShauN gives this track a great dimension, as you all work so well together! How did this collaboration come to be, and what was it like working with one another?

Without a doubt, Fiyah Mc and EverythingOShauN are two separate musical forces to be reckoned with. We are all artists from the same community and have watched and supported each other's music careers over the years. Fiyah Mc is a Reggae/Hip-hop artist that is very versatile. You can say he's like a hybrid of the two musical genres. Fiyah Mc's feature on the song was a perfect mesh, since the song has a classic rock vibe to it with the lead guitar it was only right he brought that classic hip hop feel that I think worked perfectly. EverythingOShauN is a dope, hard-working talent that will be around for years to come. His vocals are very melodic so I felt the need to have him on the song to bring that missing rockstar quality and vibe that fitted the piece to the puzzle perfectly, needless to say, it was a match made in heaven, couldn't have asked for anything more he did his thing and overall the sound of the record came out really dope, to say the least, something classic and new but still "Original" is what best describes "Genesis" the record.

How does it feel to have this song out to the public? Have you noticed a change in your mindset from the time of creating it, to this present moment?

I've been very excited since the release of Genesis. I guess my mindset since the release is just to trust my musical gut lol. I tend to overanalyze and sometimes scare myself out of trusting the art. Making my work speak for itself not trying to second guess, wherever the music takes me, just go with it, flow with it, do the best job possible, then release it, and hope the fans see the vision and understand what I'm trying to do artistically.

In terms of themes and messaging, does “Genesis,” fit into what you stand for as an artist?

I love that question and the answer is Yes, without a doubt. I made Genesis as a metaphor for new beginnings. The song is for everyone going through significant changes or just beginning a new journey in their personal life. Evolving is something we each have to go through before we can rise and elevate to a higher frequency. So again Yes it is a perfect representation of me as an artist and where I'm going artistically. Also, the artwork which is an NFT based artwork Sums up the whole song in one picture and brings more clarity visually to what the song is all about.

What's next for you?

What's next for me to put out more visuals, that is at the top of my list. Secondly, is to just keep releasing new singles concisely, keep building, keep creating, keep going hard, until I feel like the time is right then I'll eventually release an album but for now the main focuses are visuals and releasing singles.

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