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The Ardents Encourage Us to Live, "Outside The Lines"

Hailing from Scarborough, England, the soul-stirring band, The Ardents, release a massively intense electronic/orchestral soundscape with their latest single, "Outside the Lines."

Known for combining the fierce storm of rock with emotional melodies and infectious rhythms, the stylings of Peter, Leigh, Stu, Katty, and Chris are constantly leaving listeners wanting more. Through their versatile sound that borders genres like rock, blues, and country, The Ardents continually seek new ways to engage their audience further.

Doing so with their latest reflective and intense single, "Outside the Lines," The Ardents deliver quite an authentic and unique listening experience. When speaking upon the single, founding member Peter Snowdon had this to say, "The song is about a young lady asking her partner to help her 'live life outsides the lines,' she wants the excitement, danger, safety, and stability but wants to live a different life."

Written and produced with Peter Snowdon, "Outside the Lines" begins with somber violin arrangements and a pulsating sub-bass/synth. As Chris' downtempo and ominous drums make their way in, Katty's deep cello enters the track while complementing lead vocalist Leigh and her breathy vocal delivery.

Continuing through this magnetic and mysteriously-sounding track, guitarist Peter later delivers his sweet electric guitar melodies alongside Stu, as the two set sail into a haunting sonic atmosphere. While the sonics merge an orchestral soundscape with modern electronic tones and effects, the song comes to an ominous and groovy end. We're honestly astounded by this dark tune, as The Ardents are clearly establishing themselves in the heart of our cut-throat industry.

Get to know The Ardents and their latest single, "Outside the Lines," now available on all streaming platforms. Don't forget to keep your eyes open for the Scarborough-hailing band as they continue creating outside-the-box music throughout 2021.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Ardents. We truly admire the soothing tones and honest lyricism within your recent single, "Outside the Lines." What inspired founding member Peter Snowdon to write a song based on life's constraints and yearning to live outside the lines?

To be honest, it’s even a mystery to me where the songs come from. We are relentlessly bombarded with ideas from the news, media, conversations, and life experiences every second of every day. Subconsciously I file away everything I experience which plants the seed for my inspiration. I like to use the analogy of a garden. Initially, a seed of grass is sown, as the lyrics develop it becomes a beautiful lawn that follows the ups and downs of the emotional idea. The music becomes beautiful flowers and plant them within and bordering the lawn and you have yourself something truly breathtaking. Then just like a garden, I hope people will take great pleasure from different elements within the love and emotion it allows them to feel.

Could you expand on your band's creative process when exploring the sound and feel for your latest single, "Outside the Lines"? How did you create the sonic atmosphere to complement and amplify the song's lyrical theme?

I believe the lyrics and music must work in unison to dig deep into the listeners' heart and feel the emotion within the words. So each part is equally important. Strings and particularly the cello bring a potent sense of limitless power and emotion to a piece of music, so that was my starting point. The powerful drums came next which I felt added drama, excitement, and passion. By adding further layers of both strength and power just further perfected the magic. The addition of the keys, synth, and percussion gave the music the mystery and intrigue I was looking for.

Regarding the music video for "Outside the Lines," why did you choose to create such vibrant and soothing visuals? How does the music video coincide with the story told in the single itself?

The video is my personal interpretation of a person's mind running wild with ideas, thoughts, and aspirations of how their life will be. I hope it gives a sense of calm, excitement, drama, and passion. Surely the things we all need to live a fulfilled life.

Seeing that your group usually writes music within the sounds of country, blues, and rock, do you feel that this statement will soon dissipate as you continue to explore outside of these genres? Should we expect more explorative sonics in the future, or do you plan to lean back into your roots?

Many ideas for the seeds of new songs are gradually growing. I find it deeply refreshing and challenging to explore new ideas and avenues, I am a passionate lover of music first and foremost, So I truly hope my skills will develop to a point that the rigid boundaries of musical genres don't constrain my ideas. Often as artists evolve they become locked into one genre. I wanted to avoid this.

What's next for you?

The 7th of May also saw the release of a second song. Definitely back to our rock roots it’s a song called “Storm.” I am extremely lucky that I work with a group of highly gifted and talented musicians. To be part of the creative process in the studio is the most amazing experience, we are all looking forward to the day when we can perform our music live for everyone to enjoy.



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