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The Aurora Kicks It Up a Notch with Fiery New Single "6 Reasons"

Heavy Metal/Rock band The Aurora was born during the pandemic-era and has swiftly grown their sound ever since.

Beginning the process of recording their first album, The Aurora is quickly headed down a path of success within the music industry. Keeping their sound full of grit and vehemence, The Aurora easily wins over listeners with their combative, yet alluring style. Listeners will come to see that the band asserts themselves in many ways, and their most recent act being the release of "6 Reasons." 

The Aurora has released the intensifying single, "6 Reasons," and it's safe to say that they've proven how fearless their performance can be. "6 Reasons" begins with striking guitar riffs, followed by an ever more intense production. The production is definitely what keeps the tone of the track impassioned and forceful, which only allows The Aurora to amplify their ferocity even further.

There are tons of flairs coming in all genre directions, and most definitely within the Hard Rock/Metal category. The band is quite cohesive with their combined sound, keeping a strong determination that's ever so present within their personas. "6 Reasons" was the perfect kind of tease leaving us wanting more from The Aurora, and highly anticipating future gritty releases. 

Hello, The Aurora, and welcome to BuzzMusic. How do you go about deciding the ambiance for each track, especially that of 6 Reasons?

We've tried to find a very classic and melodic ambiance. We have conceived all tracks following a personal instinct and with the idea of creating a project that should have been different from all the other experiences that we had in other bands we played with. 6 Reasons are undoubtedly the track that represents most of our style. The refrains, as in other tracks that will be released soon, have the dominant power over the track composition. Was there a specific vision constructed for the song, or did you allow the creativity to flow naturally?

We've allowed the creativity to flow naturally, but maintaining the personal style of the two singers. Paul kept a very linear and powerful style, while Chuck gave the melodic part at the project since it is more in his cords and style. As a band that has only recently emerged during the last few months, what kind of challenges did you encounter during the writing and recording of 6 Reasons?

We went quite linear. We came from this genre, that we know very well, and we have listened and still keep listening to it. For this reason, we didn't have big difficulties on the drawing up of the track, but we have to admit we had a little more trouble finding something new to talk about, but in our new album "The Crowd" every track has its own mood and story. We've heard that your debut album is currently in the works for release. Can you delve further into this album and what the predominant theme will be?

The predominant theme of the album is surely the emotionality. We have created stories that can safely marry with the thinking of a lot of people. The Crowd is a clean album, but it has a charge of rage especially on the emotional level. It is a complete album, that makes you think. For sure it is an album that will leave something positive inside everyone that will listen to it. Do you see yourself creating future songs similar to the atmosphere given with 6 Reasons, or can listeners expect something different down the line?

There some tracks that have a specific drawing up, and other tracks that create a totally different one. One of the tracks that will be released, named "Insanity", is literally in different mood respect all the albums. We wanted to create a fresh album with the recall of the past years of metalcore, but that at the same time it will result in actual. We believe that every track has its own identity. But you'll have to follow us to understand how far will we go. What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

2020 was for sure a very particular year. We all had different problems during the lockdown caused by the COVID19 pandemic. This dark period has contributed for sure to help us in the writing process and to talk about some themes that are ignored today. The inspiration for this album is principally the result of a very dark period that we all are living in, but that gave birth to a product that for sure will inspire the listeners to improve themselves for the better. Especially not to take everything for granted.



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