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The Best Songs You Need To Hear This Month

Songs we love, in no particular order.

We're kicking off 2023 with songs we have on repeat.

From emerging to established artists shaping the music landscapes we know, check out our picks for the tracks you need to hear this week.

GinaD'Soto- "Hide"

Gina D'Soto's latest release, "Hide," is a mesmerizing fusion of raw emotion and sultry rhythms. The song's lyrics, filled with passion and lust, showcase her vulnerability and pure heart, while the melody captivates the listener with its hypnotic pull.

The lush arrangement of "Hide" transports the listener to a world of intimate encounters and unspoken desires. The seamless blend of genres creates a tapestry of unique and familiar sounds, demonstrating D'Soto's exquisite command of her craft. The pulsating beat and ethereal harmonies add a layer of complexity that can only be described as intoxicating, enveloping the listener in a cloak of sonic warmth.

Billy Lemos – "Concentrate (Feat. Dua Saleh)"

Letting vibes unfold from scratch, this Billy Memos produced record comes from his recently released EP, "Control Freak." Teaming up with the elusive and vibrant vocal styling of Dua Saleh, these two have crafted a mid-tempo universe that's bound to have you navigating through the hypnotic nuances.

The collection of anti-pop songs has Billy Memos comprising collaborations and allowing freedom and hands-on dynamics to mould these collaborative and creative pockets.

Stormzy, FLO – "Hide & Seek - FLO Remix"

This lush remix features the sultry sounds of the R&B trio FLO. If you thought that Stormzy's "Hide & Seek" couldn't get any more soothing and breezier, we hate to break it to; it most definitely can. While the original features vocals from Nigerian singers Oxlade, Äyanna, and Teni, FLO encapsulates an even more strikingly dynamic rendition as they add their own verse. With spirited harmony stemming from both FLO and Stormzy, this is a must-add to your playlist.

The Honest Heart Collective – "If You Wanna Leave"

Thunder Bay, Canada, is home to the powerful four-piece rockers known as The Honest Heart Collective. The impudent energy captured in "If You Wanna Leave" stems from the duality of wanting to be secure within your surroundings and relationships versus wishing to break free and live on your own accord. With a soul-fueled performance with lyrics sung from the perspective of a lover who's become rather accepting of the heartache to come, The Honest Heart Collective brings life to your speakers in this bold tune.

Dominique Gorley – "My Way (feat. Doughzart)"

Known as a powerhouse R&B/soul vocalist who allows listeners to feel more than just the music, Dominique Gorley enthralls her audience with the latest from her music catalogue. With an instrumentation rich with Spanish guitar riffs and enticing drum patterns, the soothing flow of her voice whisks you into an empowered forcefield as she sings lyrics like, "Headstrong, Imma do it my way." Recruiting the melodic rap stylings of lyrical artist Doughzart, the two set a hefty flame to this 613Tino-produced record.

Connor Price – "Buddy (feat. Hoodie Allen)"

We'd be lying if we said that this song hadn't seen traction from the moment it was released. Recruiting soon-to-be tour mate Hoodie Allen for this lyrically delivering bop, "Buddy" is THAT upbeat and energetic jam that's sure to get your nose to the grindstone as you ooze motivation. The chemistry these two embody is no joke as they share verses on a back-and-forth mission to spit bars that make you go, 'Whoa.' Good thing they have a European tour coming up to cement it.

JESSIA – "Nobody Hates You"

After months of teasing this insightful pop hit on TikTok, JUNO-Award-winning artist JESSIA brings forth an outspoken record with a sincere message sure to tug at your heartstrings. Her wistful vocals wrap listeners in a sonic hug as she gently reminds them of the importance of self-love and compassion as they're tender with themselves during times of struggle. Produced by Elijah Woods (JUNO Award-nominated artist and producer), this song has found its way to the world at the perfect time.

TOBi – "Move"

If you think you already know this track, you're probably right. You may know this song from the cheeky Netflix comedy film, Do Revenge. "Move" has TOBi feeding listeners with sonic goodness that's sure to have them grooving to the eclectic instrumentation and unique rhyme schemes professed. The bass-heavy record is filled with clever one-liners that slap the moment they touchdown. Perfect for motivation at the gym or the relaxed, feel-good vibes you indulge in when cruising, "Move" is sure to get you doing exactly that.

Eva Shaw, Db Bantino, G Milla – “HOT”

Channelling the ultimate 2000s-era party vibe when crafting this buoyant record, multi-talented DJ, producer, and songwriter Eva Shaw brings the millennium back in a major way. Chalked full of unscathed flows, Db Bantino and G Milla finesse the track as "HOT" taps into both melodic rap and traditional potent bars of the old-school. If you listen to Eva Shaw, you'll know she's a mastermind for producing vibrant soundscapes that pull from across the decades. So it's great to hear such a wide range of sounds coming together to create something as innovative as "HOT."

Riley Roth – "Go Find Less"

From the intimate, trailblazing debut EP by singer-songwriter Riley Roth, "Hey Nice To Meet You" is home to the sassy track "Go Find Less." Her gallant approach dips into her vulnerability as the song encompasses a visible lens through emotive lyrics. Relaying a message that she wishes she could have told her high school self, this goes out to the budding Riley Roth, who struggled with self-worth and apologized too much for who she was. Etching a courageous path for those to now travel, the ultimate bad bitch vibes come from "Go Find Less."

Anna Duboc - First Love

"First Love" is undoubtedly a heartfelt single by the talented Anna Duboc.

Her authentic narrative and emotional performance have the power to evoke deep feelings within you, as evidenced by her increasing popularity and high streaming numbers.

From the lyrics, it's clear that "First Love" deals with the emotional journey of falling out of love and the struggle of letting go of someone who was once very significant. The line "Why don't you wash away?" seems to encapsulate the longing for the memory and the pain associated with the first love to just fade away, yet acknowledging the haunting persistence of these emotions.

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