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The Bluebell Smile Channel The White Stripes, Radiohead And More On Their Indie-Rock Anthem “I’m Alright”

The Venice Beach outfit continues to mix diverse cocktails of influence to fantastic effect.

Hailing from the beautiful and vibrant Venice Beach in sunshine-filled California, if there's one thing The Bluebell Smile does, it's bring the heat. Influenced by the catchy sounds of yesteryear yet infusing their releases with fresh, contemporary twists, The Bluebell Smile has struck an intimate balance between the two that's made for a fascinating listening experience.

No doubt at the center of their impressive chemistry is that these talented musicians are friends outside of music as well. Comprised of Olórin (bass, vocals), Mateo Maz (guitar), Nathan Tsunoda (keyboards), and Charlie Ziman (drums), these members have been tight since the first grade.

In every release they put out, you can tell they're not playing out of any sense of obligation; they're playing because they want to and enjoy it. With diverse influences like Tame Impala, Van Halen, The White Stripes, Radiohead, and Taylor Swift, The Bluebell Smile creative spirit has thus far proven to be as accessible as it is impressive.

The Bluebell Smile's "I'm Alright" is a rousing, feel-good anthem that channels that sweet California sunshine to bring some good vibes to those stuck in the cold. Wildly enough, it's also a realistic anthem for a modern world that feels increasingly dystopian, especially to the younger generations.

Freewheeling guitar and bass lift your spirits, while equally energetic keyboard play keeps you grounded. That's not to say that it's all completely sunshine and rainbows, as Olórin also sings lines like "Don't know what to do/don't know what to say," but when energies and instruments converge for that emphatic "I'm Alright," how could you not be swept away?

The Bluebell Smile's latest release, "I'm Alright," channels the power of good music and warm California sunshine to lift your spirits. Whenever you're ready, tap in and stream it on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Bluebell Smile. We loved “I’m Alright,” so we had to ask: How did the creative process for this piece even start? What was your favorite part of bringing this song to life?

The Song started as a tune about finding a place to party on the weekend. Still, as we continuously performed it live, “I’m Alright” became a realistic anthem for today’s dystopian world. With vivid guitar leads, cinematic builds, and clever lyrics, this track draws from various influences. I have to say the greatest moment in its development was when we finally got in the studio to lay it down. All the magic hovering around the music coalesced and created its most concrete and solidified form.

As bandmates who have been friends for so long, what inspired you to take your musical dreams to the next step and start making music seriously?

We all started with the desire to learn how to conduct a great rock show. We learned what it means to be in a real band together by playing our favorite covers, new age, and classics. The consistent and unanimously applied pressure to be as tight as feasible led to the creation of some great original music. After that, we had no choice but to treat the music as seriously as it deserved.

What’s been your favorite music-related memory as a band so far?

The list of joyous moments stemming from time spent on the road, in the recording studios, and cramming as much energy as possible into our music is endless. But, I think a seriously defining moment in our journey thus far was the first time we played the Whisky A Go Go. Not only was it a step up in venue size and capacity, but the recognition from industry professionals such as Patrick Olguin and Bruce Flohr right after the show illustrated that we had something significant to share with the world.

What do you want people to feel when they listen to your releases, and what goals do you want to achieve through your music?

It’s not up to us to decide what emotions listeners may feel from the music. Our goal is to create authentic sonic spaces fueled by rigor, passion, and raw emotion. This way, our music can have a variety of effects. The value of music for us comes in many colors, whether that be happy, sad, groovy, sexy, or angry—each emotion has its place in humanity. We aim to help people delve into any or all of the feelings they experience while listening.

What’s next for The Bluebell Smile? Can we expect to hear more new music soon? Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

In just the last two months, we have written and completed an album's worth of music and are currently recording and polishing numerous diverse songs. We intend to continue releasing on a bi-monthly basis, so please stay tuned. If you like what you hear, please stick around to listen some more.


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