The Breathtaking Amanda Dean's "Like Air," Elevates Your Soul

One of the things most frequently noted about Vancouver-based singer-songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist Amanda Dean is that she makes the listener firmly believe the message in her songs.

Amanda Dean digs deep down to bring heartrending tenors with a voice that has been described as gravelly and rich, yet somehow smooth, soulful, old school, and impactful.

With her most recent release being the profound single, "Like Air,” Amanda Dean provides her audience with a heartfelt duet enlisting Grammy-nominated Ambassador of Soul, Ellis Hall. Also featuring India’s King of Strings Jolly Mukherjee, the power ballad instills a sense of soul-infused fury raging in the realm of heartrending love. How Amanda Dean’s vocals dip between elusive and prevalent hues of resonance is remarkable.

Cascading with the bellows of Ellis Hall, the dynamism etched into “Like Air,” carries a fortified tone that is heavy in its impact, yet feathery on the soul. These kindred spirits attract the luminous victories they deserve. As soon as you incorporate the sustaining strings of Jolly Mukherjee you’re transported to this striking soundscape rich in grippingly raw emotion. We appreciate the various genres that are molded into this spectrum of everlasting hope as we grasp “Like Air,” in a refreshing way.

This masterpiece is timeless and erupts sudden bursts of nostalgia through our very being as we comprehend the intricately crafted words infiltrating our thoughts. Merging in unison, each artist compliments one another’s talents as the contrast is larger than life in “Like Air.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Amanda Dean, we absolutely love the power ballad that is “Like Air.” Could you please share your inspiration behind the son