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The Burroughs Debut, "Baby Get Down"

The Burroughs hail from hometown Greeley, Colorado, and have a strong passion for their community. Through music, The Burroughs have been able to involve themselves in many projects, music-based and non-music-based, that have helped many individuals around.

Today, the band is known for creating "sweaty soul music" that offers an exciting and vibrant soundscape that will have listeners' bodies feeling all types of ways. The Burroughs is a collective band that offers musical projects that spark spirit and inspire many listeners alike. They keep their themes predominantly light throughout their songs so that the main focus is on enjoying the various harmonies.

The latest release from The Burroughs comes with the debut of their music video for their high-energy single, "Baby Get Down." This particular song is their second-ever release and the song in itself is already funky, fresh, and groovy to the highest degree; it has such incredible energy to it and that wholeheartedly comes from The Burroughs collective musical personas.

The melody crafted by the band is full of life, and a true boisterous rhythm gets brought to light from the collective sound of the band's instrumentals and lead vocalists' enthusiastic tones. The band ensures that soulful elements get integrated into the electrifying dance-like tune, as well as contemporary components to keep that modern flair alive.

The music video for "Baby Get Down," was definitely constructed with a unique perspective in mind, and it brings similar visuals to that of early 00's music video performances. The choreography from dancers and the band's lead vocalist offers exhilarating and rousing aspects to the visuals, and it truly snags our full, undivided attention.

The overall storyline incorporated into "Baby Get Down" is super fun to follow along and simplistic enough that it doesn't distract from the stimulating flow that the song carries. The Burroughs made a real impact with the release of "Baby Get Down," as they solidified their place in the music world as a fun-loving, highly spirited band.

You can listen to "Baby Get Down" on major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic The Burroughs. What kind of feelings and emotions was each band member enduring at the time the music video for "Baby Get Down" was released? How was the overall creative process amongst the group for this song?

This particular song and video were a party to create from start to finish. We wanted to vibe to be a bit over the top, so we really let ourselves try out a ton of wacky ideas in the creation of the song and the video. The creative process was really rewarding and collaborative. At the music video shoot, everyone came ready to suit up in their blue tracksuits and really commit to the dance moves. We barely held it together because we were laughing so hard. It's been fun to see that spirit captured in the final video edit and out in the world for everyone to enjoy with us! "Baby Get Down" offered such amusing visuals and melodies. We were beyond stimulated by the overall production present within the song. How would you compare the production and overall execution of the music video for "Baby Get Down," compared to your first single release and its creative process?

If you're referring to our first-ever recording release, that would have been waaaaay back in 2014 with the original Burroughs EP. There has been SO much we've learned since then! We've become a lot more confident in our technical execution and our creative decision-making. "Baby Get Down" has a nice mix of recorded performances from "real" instruments played together in a studio (like the rhythm section or horn section tracking together) as well as layers of interesting sounds and textures we can't always replicate live. It's exciting to use the studio to experiment with new sounds and techniques. I'd say the common thread among all of our recordings is that we always try and make something that really features the whole band working together, and that feels like an authentic snapshot of the musical exploration we're digging at that moment in time. Being known as a band that crafts "sweaty soul music," how were you hoping "Baby Get Down" would make the majority of its listeners feel?

Like the song instructs, we're hoping it inspires listeners to "shake their rumps," haha - we want folks to dance! We hope it's a fun jam that gets people moving and provides a moment of levity and fun. This tune always has a great crowd reaction on our live set, and so we wanted to capture some of that energy in the studio as well.

What was the most enjoyable aspect of creating "Baby Get Down" for the band, collectively?

Shooting the music video was probably one of the most fun experiences we've ever had. It's impossible to keep a straight face when all nine of you are dressed in matching tracksuits. Everyone got to bust out their best dance moves and be their goofiest selves. The blooper reels from the video shoot still have us howling.

What's next for you?

We're blessed to be busy with all kinds of creatively fulfilling projects these days! We're just about to wrap up some summer tour dates, which have taken us to 4 states across the Mountain West. We're playing a very special show of our original music with a full symphony orchestra with the Greeley Philharmonic on October 23, 2021. And we have a few tricks still up to our sleeves for later this fall: some new music releases, additional tour dates in new cities, and more. Stay tuned!

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