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The Chris Michael Band Won’t Let Anything Stop Their Love On “Keep Me From Loving You”

When you find that special someone, let nothing stand in your way.

Having just wrapped up their highly anticipated debut EP, The Chris Michael Band has positioned themselves for a breakout fall season.

With their unique take on the country music genre, they’ve quickly established a niche from their artistic vision and effortless chemistry. With a slew of tours set for next year, this talented band’s trajectory has been set firmly skywards, with music videos in the works. Everything seems to be coming together, but where artists as talented as The Chris Michael Band are concerned, it’s about time.

The Chris Michael Band has one of those origin stories that just makes you feel good inside. Having all met in the Winnipeg music scene while playing for other groups, members Chris Michael, Ryan Weibe, Ken Schendel, Marlon Johnson, and Aaron Bacon became close after crossing paths numerous times in the local scene. After working on some projects and shows together, the band as we know it today was formed, united by shared artistic passion and vision. Excitingly, they keep improving, and we’re eagerly waiting to see what the future will hold.

The Chris Michael Band’s latest release, “Keep Me From Loving You,” is a tender, pure, and serene celebration of life and love. Relaxing, gentle instrumentals create a soothing backdrop, and Michael’s transparent, heartfelt, and emotional vocal performance instantly evaporates your worries. There’s a sense of freeness in this release, and lines like “when heaven comes knockin’, you’re the angel at my door” are delivered with pure joy and almost reverence that makes you feel giddy in the best way possible. The Chris Michael band has knocked it out of the park again, but at this point, we’re not surprised.

“Keep Me From Loving You” is a transparently heartfelt release that will envelop you in its warmth and freedom. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “Keep Me From Loving You”, out now on all majour streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Chris Michael Band! We loved "Keep Me From Loving You," what a tender and heartfelt release! What was the inspiration behind this song?

The song has a history. All songs with substance are saturated with experience. This particular one was inspired by both myself and my brother and sister. Law, what started as a performance at a wedding, wound up into a profound writing about the past, present, and future. I wanted to keep pop elements and structure to the song but also wanted an inspiring melody, hoping others would hear and share about the connection of 2 people meeting and falling in love. I had some assistance from Chris on the writing. He is a fellow incredible songwriter from Winnipeg; I remember all too well finalizing the song while driving through the mountains of BC when I took the trip to the wedding. I had recorded a demo and was editing it right up to the last minute. I had alot of support from the fantastic songwriter Chris Ising to push through some melodies I was struggling with. Chris was an asset to the success of the song. There wasn't anything as unique as everyone getting up and joining in at the wedding for a dance to the song. That was a special moment I'll forever hold in my heart. There is a pic on socials stuck in the car, head cans on, lol. I'm not kidding—a heck of a fantastic trip that was. I may have been a bit distracted for part of the trip.

What's your favorite part of the creative process for music, and why?

But the song never really came to life in Spring last year when the founding members of CMB / Chris Micheal Band worked through a collection of songs to choose to perform. This particular song was the last added to the list and the first to be released. It's funny how that worked out. Once we collaborated and a new pocket was forged for the song, our performances made the song shine a diamond in the rough, and the final composition of the song was born. Ryan's a fantastic drummer. Our personal Los Cobos drummer put together a few new backbones with Aaron, who is the bacon on the bass, no pun intended, haha. They created the canvas that Marlon and Kenny got to paint on.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it before?

If we were to describe what we sound like to people who haven't heard us, our sound is light-hearted modern country sprinkled with vintage vibes driven by dynamic emotional lyrics with harmonies.

What does music mean to you, and what goals do you want to achieve through your music?

Music means the whole to us. Most of us have spent our lives as professional musicians. It's more than just a labor of love. It is who we are.

What's next for The Chris Michael Band? Anything you want to say to your fans?

To our fans, we are incredibly excited to get folks out to upcoming shows and experience the CMB experience. Since we have formed into a band, people don't just get the excitement of the songs; they get to enjoy the friendship and camaraderie of us as a group. Chris Micheal Band is an experience filled with a mixture of acoustic instruments that paint the landscapes of our sound that make us unique. When the lights come on, you can expect to see us in our natural habitat. We have an EP we are currently releasing and to come out in Jan of 2024, and we have already begun to write a complete album together as a group touring is in the cards, so be sure to follow our social media and watch for pre-sales at The next single upcoming is One Life to Live. You won't want to miss adding that one to your playlist.


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