The CMFs "Cinderella," is the Perfect Fit for Your Speakers

The CMFs, also known as The Classy Mother Fu*kers, are a versatile Hard Rock trio emerging from the sands of the Southern California deserts.

Bound by no labels or limits in terms of genres or otherwise, The CMFs have been jamming out raw and powerful music since 2014, developing a classic yet original sound inspired by classic bands from the '60s and '70s.

Performing for any music-loving crowd possible, they've been called upon to perform for nearly every venue-type and audience imaginable. From backyard punk shows and dive bars to charity fundraisers and music festivals, the band is truly rooted in music and the passion for playing the tunes they love for the people who love them.

Tapping into a rhythmic essence, drenched in amplified soul-infused progressions, The CMFs exude a multi-dimensional realm in their latest single, “Cinderella.” There’s a striking dynamic between the downtempo moments that allow the verses to soothingly flow, and the vibrancy that gushes through an intensified realm once the chorus kicks you into high gear.

We gravitate towards those pacifying timbres that gently grace your speakers as the lyrical motifs shimmer emphasis on words like, ‘Hey there, Cinderella. Tell me again, how the whole world stops while you just walk on in.’ There’s a thought-provoking essence that lures in the mystery of who this Cinderella is that they speak of, and we’re genuinely tied to the storyline of this song in a spellbinding manner.

Not only do you get a fascinating soundscape of experimental hues meshing with their hard rock spirit, but you get to capture the grand scheme of what The CMFs offer up. We can’t help but transport ourselves to a modern-day fairytale setting where our mind runs wildly. If you’re a fan of having your imagination abruptly overflowing with vivid imagery, then The CMFs’ music is for you.

Unceasingly, they keep listeners on their toes, as you never know the exact sound you’ll be getting from them, yet each time it’s delivered, you’re more than pleasantly surprised.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The CMFs. We love the modern damsel in distress themes running through “Cinderella.” Could you please share the inspiration behind this song?

Thank you so much for having us! Well simply put, we think the inspiration for this song came from (as most do) the environment we've been exposed to our entire lives. Originally when we began writing this song it seemed to be more of a take on the social pressures of modern society and how ridiculous our own contradictions can be. However, we quickly realized that the song was taking a darker turn, focusing more on the feeling of hopelessness that those pressures bring, and what avenues everyday people explore in the name of finding that long-lost, so-called "peace of mind". It's a never-ending rabbit hole that we've seen numerous friends and family members get lost in, and so it's sad to say but it was only a matter of time until this kind of story found its way into our music.

In your own words, what does this song mean to the band as a collective? What are you hoping your audience takes away from it?

We feel like this one answer will fit both questions... We are all products of our environment, but at the end of the day, it's all a matter of perspective that shapes what that end product turns out to be. It's up to you, whether or not you use your environment and what little resources it may provide to flourish, or just become one of the weeds. It's something so simple, yet so complex that we feel isn't talked about enough. ...oh, and drugs are bad mmmkay!

How does ‘Cinderella,’ compare to the individual songs heard on your 2020 album, ‘Chaka?' Do you find it fits the sound exuded, or does it take a different route of creativity?

Honestly, 'Chaka' took a very long time to put out. By the time the album dropped a lot of songs were almost 5 years old and written when we were just teenagers. It's weird to say, but in a sense, we outgrew the album before it ever even dropped (and in some cases before the song was even completely laid down). As a band, we were ready to move on and create our next chapter in The CMFs history books, and were excited to share all of our hard work with the world (yet not forgetting that the hardest part was still to come)! 2021 has been all about pushing ourselves creatively and as musicians. Simply bettering ourselves generally, as a band and as individuals, in order to focus our sights on our one true goal of sustained independent success while creating the content that we love. And so, if you listen to our newest singles of this year, we believe our progress is apparent with each passing month. It seems as though we have gained the confidence to experiment with new sounds and genre influences that have never explicitly been associated with The CMFs before. This, to us, seems to make for more unexpected, creative, and overall interesting sounding records that are meant to refresh not only our catalog of music but the musical landscape as a whole!

With each artist or band taking a different approach to what they convey in their music, what is it that you hope your fan base picks up from your messaging and emotion?

Well, the way we've written our music in the past has always been very natural. Most of our songs have been written out of jam sessions or spontaneous improv riffs during existing songs. However, even now when we have to sit down with the intent that "I am going to write a song today" we try and get out of our own way and let the song write itself. As cliche as it sounds, music truly is the purest form of self-expression, and we've found that it seems as though it's one of the only ways we know how to truly express how we feel. And so, we'd never want to tell our fans or audience what they should take away from our music or what it explicitly means or should mean to them. However, we would like anyone who listens to our music to really think about what it means to them, how it resonates with them, and how it makes them feel. We hope they use music in general, as we have; A platform to find themselves and what truly makes them happy. That way, they can strive to be the person that they truly want to be... Simply put, Be yourself. ...and if you simply think our tracks are bangers.. Well then crank that dial and rock the fu?k on you Classy Mother Fu?kers!!