The "Countdown" Is Over! Electronic Duo Death By Piano Delivers Us A New Intricate Single

Death By Piano is a Brooklyn-based downtempo electronic duo that "seems to be changing faces between dark wave and shoegaze” (‘All Things Go’). DBP consists of producer/multi-instrumentalist Greywolf and vocalist/keyboardist Kalen Lister.

Their song “Countdown” has this everlasting feeling of comfort and peace that’s conveyed to us by the expansive and loquacious vocals that’s credited to Kalen. With a smooth-sailing and climatic sound, “Countdown” creates ethereal space for you to thoroughly enjoy and get lost in. The trendy and fresh undecayed sound has been conducted in an example of intellectual creation of music. Well-constructed and vibrant, alongside gloomy and emotional, “Countdown” is a multi-faceted and assorted single with several alluring components that’s detailed and easily attractive to various listeners who can enjoy the song.

I like how this song doesn’t necessarily fit into one criterion of state of mind. You can find yourself listening to this song when you’re not feeling like the brightest tool in the shed or when you’re at your natural high and nothing or anything can take you out of your element.

Listen to "Countdown" here and check out our interview with Death By Piano below!

How did Death By Piano form? When and where?

K/GW: We were friends and long-time collaborators long before entering each

other’s orbits. After a series of studio sessions and late night car rides we decided to

delve into the electro realm and form DBP. We’ve been a band since Fall of

2017 and are based in Brooklyn, NY.

How would you guys describe “Downtempo” to our readers who may be unfamiliar with the term?

K: Typically refers to trip-hop music where we draw a lot of inspiration. The elements are a slower tempo than is usually associated with many of the hip-hop elements which gives them a more ambient feel.

GW: Downtempo is based on a slow groove. It’s similar to how it feels to run in a dream. I think this feel helps emphasize the story being told on this record.

Countdown” is a sensational single, mind interpreting it for us?

K: Thank you. It’s about trying to embrace change and self transformation.

GW: Countdown is about leaving behind the notion of what you thought life would be.

How would you say Countdown is different than your other songs/music?

K: Some of our songs and very beat and loop driven and this sound thin when those elements are peaked back. Countdown can be played acoustic and can still hold it’s own. It was also one of our origin songs worked and reworked many times. The seed of the this song (both music and message) is in some ways the seed of DBP.

GW: Countdown utilizes the most organic elements out of all the songs on the record. It was rooted in an acoustic piano riff and I feel carries that vibe throughout the song even it transitions to an electronic space.

Do you like to replay your own music and vibe out alongside your fans?

K: No - Not music we have already recorded. Though, I love performing live and rock out with fans in that setting. GW: Secretly, yes.

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