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"The Don," Shows You That What Goes Up, Has Skyscream's Name On It

David Singh, professionally known as Skyscream has created a versatile blend of music with Dancehall, R&B, EDM, Pop, Rap, Grime, and Latin music. Emanating his musical creations from Markham, Ontario, Skyscream is no stranger to attention from the media.

With major radio play, music publications, and being acknowledged by the great talents of Steve Aoki, DJ Snake, Yellow Claw, Alesso, Zedd, DVBBS Marshmellow, The Chainsmokers, and more, there is no stopping this Canadian DJ and Producer.

With his latest 6 track EP titled, “The Don,” Skyscream takes us through an extreme sonic voyage that touches on each musical genre he seeks inspiration from. Be prepared because you are sure to get you hooked upon first listen.

Commencing the project with the introductory song, “That Grime Rap,” we officially enter a lively universe that only Skyscream can portray. Intense vibrations pour from the speakers as we hear reverberated bliss fill the room with anticipation and high levels of energy. Heavy bass thumps so vividly that you swear the rest of the world is on the same wave as you. Through the grime-like synth line that fuels the entire being of this record, a force to be reckoned with radiates in the emcee delivery acting as a public service announcement reiterating that, “this ain’t just that grime rap.”

Sending us into an enticing atmosphere of dark tones that rattle the room, Skyscream opens our ears to the second song on the EP, titled, “Graves.” Opting for a purely instrumental piece, we appreciate the finer details that went into the top tier production quality displayed. As ominous loops act as the fortified foundations for this track, there are so many components that drive this track home. A compilation of clean-cut sounds fused with distorted elements creates a seamless canvas that characterizes this masterpiece. The repetition of, “Graves,” clasp onto you like a bear hug. We dare you to try and shake it.

Coming into the third song on the tracklist, “Old Skool,” practically explodes upon impact. Swaying between bass-heavy components and elements that are lighter on their toes, you can in fact capture a bit of that old school Hip-hop nostalgia with the repetitious roar that screams moderate complexity in a world that has shifted to simple grooves. Coming at your life, we get the in your face dynamism that the emcee on the track puts forth. The perfect addition to have the audience transported to a wistful realm. Captivated by a bass drop that should have its own entrance to the building, Skyscream hits all trademarks of a late-night club banger.

The title track on, “The Don,” has finally arrived, and we have to say, we’re feeling the rhythmic ambiance of this record cut. The Contemporary Dance ship has sailed as Skyscream creates a cloud nine, light as a feather tempo that packs a punch. With this impeccably placed switch up throughout the EP, we find ourselves up and out of our seats as we groove to the intoxicating melodies produced. The diverse elements seamlessly gel together as the prevailing vocalization on, “The Don,” has us fully astray in the music. Skyscream has hit the nail on the head with this one.

As we progress to a smoother arrangement of artistic versatility from Skyscream, he offers up, “Ven Ya.” A mid-tempo, emotion-driven utopia that fits right in the pocket of musical bliss has us feeling each dip in the bass as it gracefully lifts you away. With a female vocalist radiating the sultry reverberations cascading in the depths of this EP, we are pleasantly delighted to hear how Skyscream can manipulate our moods on cue. With a heavenly presentation of both English and Spanish lyrics delivered, this track rounds itself out with alluring tenors that sit on the mind rent-free.

Coming to the final song heard on, “The Don,” Skyscream has us swooning over the unmatched tones he provides with an additional Latin meets Dancehall vibration. “Pide Tu Amor,” welcomes us into its warm embrace as we melt like butter upon its touchdown. Carrying all hallmarks of a hit record, the delicate vocals wash over you as they mesh together with the pulsing instrumentation floating amidst. Still packing the heat with a sizzling bass that doesn’t quit, we find that Skyscream has intricately chosen a fitting manner in which to end his six-track masterpiece, “The Don.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Skyscream! Congratulations on the release of, “The Don.” You truly take us on a rollercoaster of genres through this piece! What inspired you to share a different version of yourself in each song placed on, “The Don”?

What really inspired me to create this EP with a variety of genres was me always wanting to be a versatile artist with my discography as my career goes on. I’ve always wanted to touch each and every part of the world with my music and especially with my fans. From dancehall, Latin, rap to EDM I’m willing to do it all.

We hear various collaborations through each track. Each unique voice offers a different flavor! Could you please tell us how you were able to pick who would feature on each song?

I always have an idea of how I want my features to be on a song depending on how I want to structure my project. On this EP I wanted to take the listeners on a journey. So I would start with a hard and grimy track like “That Grime Rap”, “Graves”, “Old Skool”, then as you listen to the EP the songs and atmosphere change into something with lots of good warm vibes as I featured dancehall and Latin music.

From the six tracks listed on the EP, do you happen to have one that resonates with you more than others?

Yes, “Pide Tu Amor,” the last track on the EP would be my personal favorite because it sets an amazing outro for the project and it has such great features on it such as the vocals, chords, drums and it always makes me proud that I’m able a beautiful song like “Pide Tu Amor”. This one would definitely forever be close to my heart.

Where do you draw your inspiration from both musically and non-musically?

Non musically I gain inspiration from being around family and friends and remembering how much we have around us especially with the pandemic going on right now I’m grateful to share my journey and experiences with them. Being around nature and going for walks is always something I like to do from time to time.

Musically my inspiration comes from many artists from the 50,60,70 and 80s. Artists that inspire me are Michael Jackson, Prince, Rick James, earth wind and fire, kool & the gang, The Four Seasons, Bob Marley, Elvis, ACDC, Biggie, Tupac, Wu-tang Clan, Usher, Neyo, Drake, Tory Lanez, Jay Z, Avicii, Major Lazer, Bad Bunny, Nicky Jam, Skrillex, daft punk, DJ Snake, DJ carnage, G - Unit, G Eazy, Logic, Lil Wayne, T.I, Kendrick Lamar, David Guetta, The Weeknd and many more.

What would you like your listeners to take away from, “The Don”?

For my listeners who’ve listened to the EP. I’d like for them to remember the artistry, versatility, the difference between me and other artists, and how much I put into making a project that takes you for a journey. I know I’m great and different from others and I can’t wait to see where music is going to take me! :)



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