The Drood Releases Ethereal, Shakespeare Inspired Single, “It Must Needs Wither”

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, The Drood combines the creative forces of Nathan Jamiel (Vocals, Electric Guitar, Keyboards) and Daniel Watts (Drums, Keys). This powerful duo infuses aspects of Electronic-Rock, Post-Rock, Psychedelic, Shoegaze, and Industrial to form their mesmerizing and otherworldly sound.

They bring an intensity to their recordings as well as their live performances, transporting listeners to another dimension. This experimental group creates similar sonic realms to bands such as The Legendary Pink Dots (who they have opened for), Hawkwind, and Saint Vitus.

In their latest release, “It Must Needs Wither,” The Drood draws inspiration from Shakespeare’s Othello, creating a grief-stricken aural effigy that reflects upon the darkness and loss that has occurred throughout the last few years of the global pandemic. The intricate and complex single was recorded in Lafayette, CO, in September 2021, initially in live, improvised takes, fully capturing the raw emotion of the song for the listener.

Throughout “It Must Needs Wither,” The Drood has created a metaphysical, dream-like atmosphere for the listener to sink into. They contrast this soundscape with dark, heavier elements that pull you in, adding to the melancholic, sonically rich environment. Droning synths and guitars meet powerful, booming percussive elements. Jamiel’s warm, layered vocals cry out throughout the track, sinking perfectly into the thick backing the duo has crafted.

Prepare to be swept away into the dark, intense, dream-like land The Drood have created with their latest release, “It Must Needs Wither,” available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Drood. We are so happy to have you here celebrating the release of your standout single, "It Must Needs Wither." How does it feel to finally have this track out in the world?

NATHAN: Thank you very much for having us. I'm excited that this song is in the wild and resonating with people. This one felt very easy and natural and was mostly recorded as live-improv takes. It really shows The Drood's cathartic and ritualistic style of creating. The recording really captures a true slice of us.

DANIEL: It is always strange to have one's art in the world. For me, most of the joy and passion usually come during the process of making. After a song is done, I often sort of lose that initial spark of wonder about it. I can still feel that deeper spark in this song every time I listen to it, and maybe others will too. I hope it finds its way to those who might appreciate it.

Did you have a specific idea in mind of who you hoped this song would resonate with the most?

NATHAN: No, not in the beginning. We had agreed to do a song for a compilation album devoted to "people we lost" in the past couple of years. Daniel and I got together as usual, with that intention and whatever feelings that brought, and recorded it as we do every week, and the song just came together. Hayden came to the session and added some bass guitar. The original compilation album fell through, but we felt the song was good enough, so we released it as a single.

DANIEL: Not a specific idea, but in general, I hope fellow psychonauts and explorers of the human condition can find something meaningful in our art. We were exploring our own states of mind through the process of constructing something while intentionally evoking the memories of our lost friends and family. That mix of emotions was well captured in this song.

What do you hope listeners will take away from this song while listening?

NATHAN: There is a lot going on in the lyrics that relate to not only death but murder, racism, and self-destruction. The pandemic amplified those things, and the parables in Othello to some of our modern strife strike a very familiar chord with me and, I hope, with others as well. I guess if listeners can take away anything from this song, I would feel honored.

DANIEL: My hope is that the song inspires some introspection about mortality and the brevity of our existence. Nothing lasts. Enjoy the moment and those in it. Create while you can.

What is the story behind how The Drood initially came to be?

DANIEL: Nathan and I had been in a couple of bands together before. The Drood was sort of an evolution of the live electronic project we were in at the time called In Better Senses, along with Stuart Mizrahi and Hayden Peltier (who plays bass on the song). Nathan and I settled into our current two-person configuration a few years ago, but Hayden continues to contribute frequently.

NATHAN: Hayden and I joined In Better Senses as a sort of supporting cast to an already established group. The Drood was a fresh start with everyone having an equal stake in the creative process, which took the sound in new directions.

What sort of atmosphere and vibe did you want the instrumentals and production to give off in "It Must Needs Wither?" Who helped bring the sonics to life?

NATHAN: The longer we play together, the more we move away from a traditional band format. I don't want one instrument to be so prominent throughout a piece. For instance, the guitar, while present, is not the focal instrument. It kind of shapes the progression and gets big for a few measures and then fades back to a supporting noise.

DANIEL: In general, we were not going for anything in particular. We don't generally start with a direction. We just begin and build from a mood. We had a primer, an abstract intellectual concept for this session, but everything was very impressionistic during the creative process. We have samplers, keyboards, drums, guitars, etc., and we assembled the aesthetic of the song by playing through loops of the different song segments with whatever instrument felt right. Later Nathan and I arranged the recordings into the final song.

What's next?

DANIEL: We are planning on releasing a number of songs with accompanying music videos over the next year, and I think we will play some live shows this summer as society opens back up a bit. We are also working on new stuff all the time, so more is on the way.

NATHAN: We are trying to branch out and try new things, but who knows what that means. We are interested in partnering with visual artists, specifically indie horror filmmakers. There seems to be a new crew of creatives telling provocative, non-traditional stories. We want to be a part of that sonically.