The Dynamic Duo Who Delivers Great Energy and Rhythmic Melodies, Sarah Jordan & Matt Von

Sometimes the best chemistry in a band can be formed between your family and friends and for Sarah Jordan & Matt Von they know exactly how to maneuver through the music industry with the trust of one another. This brother and sister duo both share a passion for music that seems to be apart of their natural chemistry. Sarah whose a seasoned pop soulful performer, brings pure emotion while matt vocals are storytelling, understated, and pure. They released their first single titled “Great Escape” and you can find this on all digital platforms. However, their new sound is purely EXPLOSIVE. They are more than ready to give their global audience an unforgettable experience with their release of “L.O.V.E”. This sexy Latin sounding record is equipped with a catchy hook that will surely make the tune pop, shows us they know exactly how to keep their listener on the dance floor and you won’t regret it at all!

Want to hear it? This song is currently available on all streaming platforms and the fun, animated, lyrical video for the song is currently out as well. They are no rookies to the game. They’ve been performing together and independently for many years and played a significant amount of festivals, venues, and private locations, solidifying their tracklist of performances. Their love for music is undeniable with their luscious harmonies and magnetic “blood” connection. Together, they love what they do and shine most when they perform live. Sarah Jordan & Matt Von wants to inspire and share their story with the world, through the one thing that has constantly made them happy, music.

Listen to Sarah Jordan & Matt Von here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Sarah Jordan & Matt Von! How has the journey been performing and recording music together? Do you guys encounter any funny sibling disagreements? Thank you Buzzmusic for having us back again for the second time! The journey thus far has been absolutely remarkable and very rewarding for both of us. Our partnership has grown in terms of both our sibling relationship and a professional collaborative musical relationship. The decision to merge together as a duo this past year has been a decision that we will never regret. The experience of working together as a team, creating music together, and performing on stage side to side is something that we do not take for granted because we know how special our family connection is. Every time we step on stage, our goal as performers is to deliver an honest, raw, and emotional performance that is storytelling and depicts us as genuine artists, as well as human beings. The recording process is something that we are not new to, as we have been collaboratively songwriting and recording our originals in the studio for more than 10 years. We are very grateful to have found the team that we are currently working with, which is comprised of Tina Cole (manager) and our producer Jovan Jovanov. We have very light-hearted and humorous personalities, so even if a disagreement comes up, we tackle it with humor and come up with an easy solution that we all agree with. 

Let’s talk about your music! What was the initial theme you had for your debut record “Great Escape”?

Before we wrote this song, we had an idea in mind to write a song that thematically all of our listeners could relate to. Here is a little background of our song: Great Escape is an empowering anthem, one that makes you feel alive and encouraged when you hear it. When the song is over, we want the listeners of our track to feeling fearless, with no chance of being held back to accomplish anything they set their minds to. As songwriters and human beings, we feel that we let these lyrics speak for themselves. The song takes you through a story, and depending on what your personal story is, the song is relatable and you can visualize the magic of the lyric in this song unfold while you listen. The lyrics don’t necessarily describe what we’ve been through, but because the lyrics are hopeful and looking towards a positive future, we are hoping that we can lift you up if you are feeling defeated. We are not breakable, but there are things we have experienced in childhood that have broken us, but only parts of us. By choosing to put our pieces back together one by one, we wrote a powerful lyric that describes how we have moved on from the heartache and the past, and how we are shaping our future---by doing it OUR way and making sure that the world is ready for us. We are no more being held back by the restraints of those who held us down or continue to get satisfaction through feeding us their misery. We have overcome these trying times, and we see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are the light at the end of the tunnel. The world is too beautiful to miss even a second of the adventure it has out there, and it’s waiting for us. And for you. This is a GREAT ESCAPE.

How would you describe the creative process behind “L.O.V.E”? Were there any specific arrangements you were seeking?

L.O.V.E was a song that was actually written by Sarah almost 10 years ago! Matt and Sarah found it while browsing through their voice notes on their phones. Sometimes, gems are found when you least expect it! Once we brought it to the recording studio, we explained to our producer Jovan Jovanov what our vision was for the song. When I wrote it, I had imagined the production to be different, because of the time frame that I originally wrote the song in. To bring it to life NOW was a really awesome and interesting experience. We are very inspired and influenced by Spanish and reggaeton music, and currently, Latin music is taking over the world! We wanted to ride the wave and try something new with this song. We really wanted to bring this song to life by incorporating a reggaeton rhythm to it, and we also envisioned it to be sexy and sultry. Jovan understood our vision, and the way we all decided to arrange the song came together quickly. Matthew was a major top liner in this song, and he created all the guitar riffs, bass lines, and leads. We built the song from there! We realized that a Latin rapper was necessary to drive this song in the direction we saw it going in. Once adding Ziggiry to the mix, a local Venezuelan Toronto based rapper, we knew the song was complete. We strived to have a crying lead electric guitar riff become the main feature of the song!!! We based our production style upon the song "Wild Thoughts" by Rihanna, and also Santana's "Maria Maria." That was the vibe we were going for--pop meets Latino! We feel like we finally created the dancefloor hit we always dreamed of. L.O.V.E may have been written over 10 years ago, but a good song is always a good song---as long as you have a strong collaborative talented team behind it! The theme and lyrical content in this song are described below: Euphoria. An extremely pleasurable experience of intense happiness that often becomes addictive. Some might say this overwhelming feeling is LOVE. L.O.V.E is a song about how easily we choose to listen to our hearts when it comes to how and why we fall madly in love with someone. The “falling” is something we all long for. We all deserve to find that chemistry and that undeniable passion in a partner. Love comes in many different forms, but the lyric in this song expresses how one falls so quicky, deeply and vulnerably when we first begin to experience a potential love connection. We might think it is love, we are hoping that it is love---but we call this stage lust. Emotions are something that we cannot ignore because they spark up when something exciting is about to happen; because all kinds of feelings are aroused within us, we naturally anticipate that something amazing is upon us. With no questions asked, and nothing set in stone, we want to believe that love exists and that it is right there standing in front of us. At the end of the day, this is what we all want, right? The struggle between choosing emotion over instincts is the story being told in this song.

What inspired you both to write “L.O.V.E”? In the above paragraph, we describe why we were intrigued by writing a song about falling in love. When Sarah initially wrote the lyrics and composition, she doesn't recall what inspired her, as this song was written almost 10 years ago! But these words tell a story about falling in love, and how it's different these days for "Millenials." Love can be complicated. It can start off as a game-----emotional ups and downs, what-ifs, infatuation, lust---and then love? We always wonder if something with potential can lead to something more stable in the future. But it takes two to tango, and sometimes, both parties are not on the same page. This song is about that stage of wondering. But in the end, we know what we are all yearning and longing for, and it's that special thing that is LOVE.

From your artist’s point of view, what element to “L.O.V.E” stands out the most? This is our first song that expresses our love for Latin music. Right now, Reggaeton music is blowing up the charts and there really is a sincere love for LATINO music that is crossing over all music boundaries, around the world! We took a risk with this one! We are not Latino, but at the end of the day, music is worldwide. It is a language anyone can understand, and that's the beauty of it! It was our first time collaborating with a rapper (and more importantly, of Latino descent), and we really believe that this unlikely collaboration has worked in our benefit. We feel apart of the Latino community now, and this is a very special feeling for us. To have artists of different cultures come together on a tune is truly rewarding and we really feel like we made a song that has crossed cultural boundaries! We performed the song all over Toronto at every Latino Club, and the response that we received was so overwhelming and amazing!

We also received our first government grant for this tune L.O.V.E, and to receive a significant amount of money to propel this song for development was inspiring and really made us grateful for all the hard work we have done thus far. 

What’s next for you two in this upcoming new year? In January, we are planning to release our next single. It is also a cross-pollination of genre---Pop and Reggaeton. We plan to release a new song every 3 months. We are excelling in our songwriting abilities, and continue to meet other artists in the music community to collaborate with! With the guidance of our manager Tina Cole and Global Entertainment, we will continue along the positive path of understanding the music business and how it works, while continuing to exercise our creative abilities inside the studio and out! We plan to perform a lot more around the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), even more than we are already doing! We are trusting the process and putting in lots of hard work. We are learning about marketing strategies and really trying to push our social media to increase our fanbase and the reach of our new music. We will continue to focus on developing our name as artists, and just make the best new music we possibly can!! We feel like only good things are on our path for the new year!