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The Earthy Tones of “All Heal” By Robin Low Are Enchanting

Contemporary artist Robin Low is from San Jose, California who combines both musical aspects by exploring the world of organic instruments and materialized synthesis. His freshman EP “Conn-Eda” is base off a story promoting the duality of an individual and his usage of the spectrum of both sounds brings a powerful and deep perspective on how the two worlds can merge together.

“All Heal” has a nature like feel, almost like you could walk outside and hear this collection of such raw sound. The vocal track is in an electronic style which adds to the individuality of this funky tune. The tone and style of this track reminds me of Bon Iver with very catchy and entrancing beats. The depth of each layer really gives this song character that is unmatchable. The style of the vocals really solidifies the indie sound that is bumping throughout this track, and sends you further into a trance. With sounds that relax, mystify and that create a mysterious resonance behind in your head that really helps you focus in on what instruments you could be listening to, and picking out the different notes. Close your eyes, drift away and imagine whatever you feel as this song opens the imagination to endless possibilities. It is a very open track and leaves the listener able to interpret the collection of echoes together for themselves. I thoroughly felt relaxed while listening to this song, and in my opinion it feels like a song that would be good to meditate to and would leave you feeling a sense of tranquility.

Listen to “All Heal" here and get to know more about Robin Low below!

Hey Robin! Pleasure to chat with you! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I reside in San Jose California. I am a full time bass teacher and artist. I have been playing music since I was six years old. My road to music has been a very organic one. I have been fortunate enough to have music be such a huge part of my life. I discovered the computer and electronic music around 2012. By this time I have been in so many bands and projects that I wanted to accumulate all those experiences and start producing. Production with others eventually lead me to try my hand at my own EP. 

What kind of organic instruments can we listen for throughout you EP?

The Deepmind 12 was used for just about every synth sound. I tended to use my bass guitar as the low end for all the songs. Working on weaving In both these Instruments along with my voice was very refreshing. Conducting away from the computer gives a sense of heart that was always alittle out of my reach as Just producer. I also used the DG-20 which is a synth guitar made from Casio. Shoutout to the boy Collin for hooking it up with odd instruments. 

What has inspired you to write music and create such a serene sound?

My inspiration lately has come from listening to nothing but funk and rnb at the moment. I tend to take these classics and instill the perfection they created into new heights with all the production we can now accomplish in today’s industry. I think that’s why I had mainly just bass on the album very little guitar. This particular moment in my life I am trying to connect with everything that reminds me why I even started making music in the first place. 

Are there any challenges that you have faced in your music career thus far and how have you over-come them?

The biggest challenge I had to face was the coming of myself. Sounds more esoteric, but that really was the case. I use to rely on others and how they could help me. Slowly this seemed to not be a collective assignment but more one that was one sided and soon I would find myself contributing to others success instead of focusing on what possibilities I can design. You find out really quickly who wants to actually put in work and who is just tryna live like a rock star. 

When did you first find that passion for music?

Well like I said when I was very young I found the saxophone and from that point on it was always music! My dad played alittle guitar and my mom painted so growing up in a more artist driven household was a plus. Allows you to create without those odd am I good enough feelings. 

What new and exhilarating endeavours can we expect from you in 2019?

I hope to leave for tour in the summer time. Might even try my hand at Europe and see what they have to offer.  The biggest thing I am looking forward to is shows, shows , shows. I really wanna connect this year and break molds. 


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