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The East Pointers Say Hold On, This Storm Is “Stronger Than You Know”

Photo by: Jess Bishop

Canadian pop-folk band, The East Pointers have a message to share. One of love, loss, and hope. We invite you to experience the lush and uplifting sounds of the Canadian band through their latest single, "Stronger Than You Know."

The East Pointers were jumping into sessions for a new EP until they faced the untimely death of their beloved band member, Koady Chaisson. They're currently keeping his name and likeness alive through each piece, especially those that Koady helped create.

Now, The East Pointers pay tribute to the unstoppable force of love and holding your loved ones close with their latest single, "Stronger Than You Know." The song was initially inspired after an epic winter storm hit Koady's house in PEI. When writing it with Colin Macdonal of The Trews, they spoke about battening down the hatches (Koady literally had to nail a 2x4 across his door).

This transferred over to the suddenness of unfortunate events like the pandemic and struggles with mental health. The song was produced by Derek Hoffman and written by Tim Chaisson, Jake Charron, Koady Chaisson, and Colin MacDonald.

Expanding on "Stronger Than You Know," the song opens like a radiant pop anthem with bright piano keys, plucky synths, and the lead singer's tender vocals. While singing of feeling slowed down and traveling through life's trials and tribulations, The East Pointers reminds us to hold on tight, as these experiences are "Stronger Than You Know."

The song is incredibly lush and easy to listen to; The East Pointers slowly expand the groove with added guitars, tight drums, and a warm background fiddle. We also appreciate the overall uplifting feeling that comes with this spirited single; it's packed with all the heart and emotion we need from a modern pop-folk band.

Hold on tight and sail ahead with The East Pointers' latest inspirational single, "Stronger Than You Know," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The East Pointers. We admire the uplifting and inspirational feel of your new single, "Stronger Than You Know." What inspired you to write about a physical storm of events and encourage people to hold on and stick through it?

Thank you for having us! Also, glad you like the new song. It seemed to be a theme in our life at the time! Most of us were just holding on, and while we were writing on those dark, cold, and windy Prince Edward Island winter days - it came out pretty naturally.

Our deepest condolences to you regarding the loss of your band member, Koady Chaisson. What parts of "Stronger Than You Know" did he develop, and what kind of musical footprint did he leave on the song?

Thank you. I remember this day so well, Koady had the riff and the chord progression. Jake and I started jamming along, I was singing over top. About an hour after that, we hopped on Zoom with our good friend, Colin, and finished the song in about an hour. It all flowed seamlessly. Koad was full of beautiful riffs, progressions, and melodies - it oozed out of him at all times. A talent not many have.

"Stronger Than You Know" is a departure from your previous projects. How is this song different, and does it mark the start of something new for your band?

I think the production aspect of “Stronger Than You Know” feels a little different than anything we’ve done before. We worked with Derek Hoffman on this EP, he brought out a fresh sound in us that we didn’t know we had! When you take that away, it’s the same acoustic vibes we always had (we think).

What core message did you want to share with listeners when experiencing "Stronger Than You Know?”

It’s a message we’re constantly reminding ourselves… We all have more strength inside us than we realize - especially in the darkest of times.

Photo by: Lucas Charron


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