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The Empowering Essence of "Girls, Money, Cars," Rides Through an Exhilarating Soundscape of Truth

DJ and producer Will Wallace has teamed up with singer-songwriter Laurel Smith to unleash a dark-pop club anthem and music video for their latest single, “Girls, Money, Cars.”

Will Wallace never allows himself to be pinned down to one genre, as the sounds he continues to deliver keep his fan base on the edge of their seats. This collaboration between the dynamic duo offers a refreshing taste to avid music listeners, as the seemingly perfect concoction of “Girls, Money, Cars,” is balanced out with two unique artists, putting their best foot forward.

Honing in on the indulgent soundscape that is “Girls, Money, Cars,” the intriguing Pop-Electronic base of this record allows the mesmerizing peaks and valleys of the sonic arrangement to remain etched into your mind long after the composition comes to an end. With a weighty Trap essence through the enticing drum progression heard, you’re hypnotically drawn into the single as this genre hybrid speaks for itself. Looking forward to each breathtaking drop that Will Wallace offers in this heated banger, we can’t wait to hear this playing in the club scene as the soundtrack for an unforgettable night out.

Laurel Smith’s ethereal vocal delivery alludes to the dark and ominous hues that are captured in the realm of, “Girls, Money, Cars.” However, the perceptive lyrical motifs present an unapologetic persona wrapped up in an atmospheric environment that shares light on the narrative of the music industry’s subjugation of women that keeps them trapped in a male-gaze public image. With an elusive and spacious delicacy to the delivery of her foreboding timbres, the manner in which her talents cascade with Will Wallace’s anthemic essence in the production of, “Girls. Money, Cars,” is truly outstanding.

Sharing a brilliant dynamism between their respective crafts allows each creative to shine effervescently on their own and in a team setting with the energy they deliver to their devoted fan base.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Will Wallace, and Laurel Smith. Congratulations on the release of “Girls, Money, Cars.” The entire soundscape grasps everything you look for in a certified hit. What inspired the meaning behind this track?

Will: I can’t speak lyrically as Laurel wrote everything, but for me, the song is an ode to all the music I listened to and inspirations I had growing up, listening to underground electronic music and seeing it grow. The first time I met with Laurel in the studio, we discussed all our inspirations and love for heavy electronic music, so we did our best to combine a dark pop/trap vibe with a heavy bass-infused sound.

Laurel: “Girls Money Cars” is about putting females center stage and in the position of power. The narrative of the lyrics follows a girl hunting down the boys in her school one by one, exacting her revenge. Since everything around Sarah Everard this anger has been building inside me, a need for girls to just fight back and take control, which had a big influence over the song.

Both you and Laurel Smith work together in such a syncopated fashion; we love this collaboration. How did you two come to link up? What was it like working with one another?

Will: We actually met through some mutual friends of ours - they introduced us and we spoke about doing a collaboration together, something totally different that neither of us had done before. It was really easy working from home, Laurel and I only had two sessions in the studio together, the rest of the song was finished remotely (Laurel recorded everything from her home set up and the entire production was created start to finish from my bedroom).

Laurel: It was definitely a good match!

You mention that there’s also a music video for “Girls, Money, Cars.” How was the filming process? What can listeners expect when tuning into it?

Will: The filming process was super easy for me personally, it was all shot in one day at a film studio in London with my team (shout out to Alpha Bravo Studios) who made the entire process really smooth and it was a tonne of fun. People can expect a very dark and moody atmosphere, as well as lots of crazy shots and edits to go along with the structure of the song (and obviously girls, money, and cars are involved).

Laurel: Honestly, the GMC video was the most fun I’ve ever had on a shoot, I met so many amazing women and girls and we just danced about and had a sick time.

What are your mission statements as an artist? How do they line up with one another and the message that you two hope to get out?

Laurel: Empower girls, get more girls into music and making music. We taking over the scene starting now!

Will: For me, I just want to create music I enjoy with talented artists, sometimes pushing boundaries and breaking molds. As the producer, I often let the songwriter take over the mission statement for each track, and I help give them the setting in which to do so.

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