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The Erly Gives Us A Blast From The Past With Their Funky New Release, “Flame The Main”

Does anyone else suddenly have the urge to hit the disco?


Skillfully combining rock, pop, funk, and other sonic elements from the '60s and '70s, Michigan-based indie-soul group The Erly burst onto the scene and quickly caught the eyes and ears of audiences with their unique “Modern Disco” sound.

Having captivated listeners with their clean guitar work, layered vocals, and groovy undertones, The Erly remains one of the most electrifying groups of talents in the industry. Having shown no intentions of slowing down, this exciting group feels destined for massive things.

Interestingly, The Erly was formed when founding members Collin Mattiford (bass) and Fran Gleason (drums) decided to expand upon their previously established music duo. They added Trevor McDonald (guitar) and Alyssa Serviss (keyboard), and the rest, as they say, is history. They’ve clicked with a chemistry that feels airtight and simply right, playing like they’ve been together for years and years. With a host of standout releases like “What To Do With You” and “Paralyzed” already in their catalog, it feels like the stars are the limit, and we’re excited to see how far The Erly can go.

Like many of The Erly’s releases before it, “Flame the Main” is simply exquisite. Groovy bass, funky guitars, perfectly accentuating keyboard performances, and more make up the instrumental performance for this release. Utilizing a unique blend of disco-infused sounds, The Erly takes you on a vivid musical journey, dropping lines like “All the strangers in the same old crowd/cigarettes on the rebound” with an easy cadence that transports you to The Erly’s retro soundscape. You’ll be swept up in their pace before you know it, but when the music is this good, we’re sure you won’t mind.

The Erly’s new release, “Flame The Main,” is a groovy, retro-sounding release that will make you want to get down and boogie. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream The Erly’s new release, “Flame The Main”, now on all majour streaming platforms. Check out the new music video for “Flame The Main” on YouTube.


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