The Flavians Bring Us "Non Stop Fun" With This New Single

While striving to create their unique musical footprint, The Flavians quest to emulate and re-create the warm sound of the 60's is at the heart of their identity. The band began to form in 2017 when Joakim Jägerhult (drums) & Liam Blomqvist (guitar & vocals) met in a hostel in Berlin, only to realize they attended the same University. Later, Anna Vaverková (keys & vocals) and Thomas Wills (bass & vocals) joined the multi-national alternative pop band based in Berlin.

The Flavians are influenced and inspired by the energy of Berlin fused with the sound of Todd Rundgren, The Beatles and The Beach Boys. Employing layered vocal harmonies from a blend of three diverse voices, psychedelic guitar textures and lyrics discussing themes such as destitution and alienation creates the band’s defining sound! With a hippie-like notion of their music, The Flavians delivered us “Non Stop Fun” a single that absorbs the entire 60’s mind-bending and hallucinatory rock sound lacking in the current era of music. I can picture myself driving down a California highway on a sunny day in a classic corvette, blasting this song on full volume. I like the content feeling it gives me with a natural high off the consciousness-expanding tune. The experimental guitar and the “La la la” vocals completely mesmerizes you into a trance you won’t ever forget!

It’s apparent The Flavians knows how to incorporate their musical influences into their singles without sounding exactly like them. The Flavians have created a more contemporary spin to aged multicolored rock music and you will fall unreservedly in love with it!

Listen to "Non Step Fun" here and check out our interview with the band below!

Care to introduce yourselves to our readers?

Short but sweet, we’re The Flavians, a Multinational alternative Indie band [SWE/UK/CZ] based

in Berlin.

We know you guys are heavily inspired by the classic Psychedelic rock era! What’s so appealing about that time period of music to you guys?

It was just a beautiful time when musicians and bands started to experiment heavily with more

traditional songwriting but also sound-crafting. It’s insane to think of how much crazy sounds

they could produce with the gear they had available.

Knowing you are a huge fan of The Beatles! What’s your favorite record by them and why?

This question would definitely start some arguments within the band but we’re all in love with

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. It’s just a great concept-album where everything’s spot

on, the music, lyrics and artwork. It really shows their versatility as musicians.

Do you think there’s been a shift in rock music?

For sure, there’s been a shift in rock since the day it was acknowledged as a genre, but we think

It’s a good thing that music evolves although there are definitely certain eras we personally prefer more. It feels a bit cyclical, a lot of the older stuff is coming back again.

How would you guys describe your single “Non Stop Fun” and why?

It’s an existential parody and reflection on the mundanities of modern life. A true story told from

the point of view of a disgruntled office worker whose life gradually drifts out of control over the

course of one fateful day. Each verse sets a new scene and tells a different chapter in our

hero’s journey as his once stable house of cards, falls around him in spectacular fashion. We

accompanied this concept with a rather upbeat riff with a lot of chorus effects on the guitars, we

wanted the song to sound like It’s falling apart just as much as the characters life.

What’s your personal favorite element of this song and why?

The favourite element must be the lyrics, the whole story-telling aspect of it, It’s quite

uncommon in our genre and we like the unique references we managed to put in there.

How do you guys hope the listeners and readers perceive this single?

We hope they appreciate the contrasts, the experimentative, somewhat sloppy and psychedelic

feel and that they grasp the whole ironic nature of the story.

What's next for The Flavians?

A new single will be out early next year, we’re continuously working on finishing our debut

album “Ordinary People In an Ordinary World” which will be released later in 2019. We will also

be doing a summer tour with some festivals in Sweden, the UK and other countries in Europe.

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