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The Forty Nineteens and Their Release "Tell Me" Is Made for Those in Need of Spirited Energy

February 18, 2020

By: Julia P

The Forty Nineteens are here on BuzzMusic to offer an alternative/rock flair. Consisting of members John Pozza, Chuck Gorian, Matt Colleran, Kevin Barber, and Nick Zeigler, The Forty Nineteens have a wide range of people to create the boisterous and spirited sound that characterizes this alt/rock band. This band is frequently heard on SiriusXM's stations. The Forty Nineteens compose a sound that brings eclectic stylings to diversified production and is meant to be enjoyed by a variety of audiences. That's one thing that listeners need to know about The Forty Nineteens is this: they don't just shape their sound for one audience. They ensure that there is a multi-faceted approach to the creative process in order to bring about music that has elements belonging to genres. The Forty Nineteens definitely keep up more raucous energy throughout "Tell Me". There isn't any point within the song that the band waivers on their eccentric energy.  Energy has always been a staple of their sound. One element in "Tell Me” is the professionalism of drummer, Nick Zeigler. He maintains that rapid synergy in “Tell Me" through his relationship with drums. The overall beat in "Tell Me" is addictive.  This is probably because of how much it has changed our mood in a span of 2.25 minutes. Got up and feel as if the energy isn't there to start the day? "Tell Me" will give you that energy. The Forty Nineteens continuously infuse energy in every track. "Tell Me" isn't any different! If your playlist is in some serious need of alt/rock rejuvenation, "Tell Me" is the right kind of track to change that.

Download "Tell Me" here.



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