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The Frontier Gets Crushed By A Haunting Memory Of Love Lost On “Ghost”

How could someone just break your heart and leave?

Hailing from Reseda, CA, in the San Fernando Valley, Jake Mimikos’s brainchild, The Frontier, was born when a casual side project became the catalyst for something truly special.

Drawing heavily from personal experience and the magic of life, The Frontier’s musical creations have charmed listeners with his relatable lyrics and honest, transparent delivery. As 2023 draws close, The Frontier is sending the year off with a bang. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this talented musician. 

The Frontier has gone from strength to strength since announcing himself to the musical world with his acclaimed “Chaos to Clarity” EP in 2015. Utilizing a style that draws primarily from rock, indie/pop, and folk releases like 2016’s standout “Wake The Dawn” and 2021’s acclaimed “Can We Go Back” showed that good music transcends the shifting priorities of the musical landscape.

With no signs of his musical genius eroding since he embarked on his musical journey, it’s clear that The Frontier’s simmering potential is only beginning to reach; rather than regress, he’s aged like fine wine.

“Ghost” (ft. Justina Beth-El) is an invigorating example of what an artist of The Frontier’s caliber can be at their musical best. In tandem with featured artist Justina Beth-El, The Frontier weaves an engrossing story that evokes emotion deep within.

As both artists try to pick up the pieces of their shattered hearts, lyrics like “You crushed me with a wave / And that’s when I died / Now I’m just a ghost / haunting your mind” drive you even deeper into the melancholic yet beautiful soundscape they have created. The chemistry between The Frontier and Justina Beth-El is incredible, and here’s hoping this collaboration won’t be their last.

The Frontier’s newest release, “Ghost,” is an amazing new release that combines melancholic lyrics with striking vocals to exquisite effect. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream The Frontier’s newest release, “Ghost”, on all majour streaming platforms.

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