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The Frontier Releases New Single "Gravity"

The Frontier is a polished indie-pop project that’s emerging out of DC, who combines mainstream rock and indie flavors to fabricate a unique sound of their own. Formed in 2016, the band has already garnered the likes of producer Austin Bello. So far, they have released two EP’s alongside two singles and amassed fans from all across the world. They released their single “Gravity”, an alternative indie rock sounding atmosphere with textural elements to make it the most outlandish and unique single yet! “We got the universe in our hands, we going places we never been” I loved it due to the nomadic nature of the lyricism. It evokes the curiosity sense in us that encourages us to go out there, travel and explore the world. “Gravity” has a special effect in which it can abundantly transport us into the realm of the music and it’s an all around cleansing and replenishing moment! The extravagant vocals and electrifying instrumentals all fuses together to create a subtle yet chaotic mixture. I’m personally a fan of detailed music like this where i can traverse not only the song but my thoughts and emotions.

Listen to "Gravity" here.

How did The Frontier meet and form?

The Frontier was originally a solo project that I was working on with my producer that started in 2015. After about a year of writing and recording I decided to seek out musicians so I could perform the music live. It first started out as a three piece, but we quickly decided we wanted a bigger sound. After a few lineup changes, some craigslist auditions, and some local musician friends filling in, we finalized our lineup. Two EPs and two single later, here we are! We are currently working on our 3 rd ep.

What are some challenges you often face during creating music?

For me personally, I like to think I've started to develop a rhythm to creating our songs. There is definitely a process that takes place. It took me a while to figure that out. Once I did I didn't really have a problem creating new music. For me that is where I get my joy from. It's in the creating process. After that is where the real work begins. That's where it gets tricky.

Between your previous two EP’s which has been a personal preference for each you and why?

This is always difficult to pick a favorite song, album, or ep. They are each special on their own. I can't really say I prefer one over the other because they both represent different times in my life. I like the grittiness of the first ep. For the second one, I like it because it feels like we matured and refined our sound a bit. Too hard to pick one over the other. Sorry if that is totally cliche, ha!

What is the meaning behind your single “Gravity”?

There is no meaning? ha. I mean technically there is, but really it's a lot of tongue-and-cheek lines we came up with in the studio. I will say this. I am pretty big into Science Fiction and the day we wrote those lyrics I told my producer about a dream I had being abducted by aliens. We kind of just took off from there. Weird, I know.

Who are some of your musical influences that have contributed to the success and growth of your careers?

There are so many but i will try and narrow it down a bit. Recently, around the time I was writing this music I had been listening to Bowie. I really dug how he could just be down right weird sometimes AND write these catchy tunes at the same time. I also listened to a lot of The Shins. James Mercer is an amazing lyricist. Around the same time I started to really get into Wilco. Been a fan of Jeff Tweedy ever since. There are a lot more but I'd say these are the most relevant to our music.

What can people expect from you in 2019?

I am excited to say A LOT! We are releasing new songs, working on a dynamic and energetic live show, and as many performances as we can fit in. We are thinking about working in a music video or two this year. I mean at this point the sky is the limit. We wanna take this ship as far as we can sail it.


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