The Frost Duo Releases “Aimee”, Track Off Recent Dynamic Album “Spring”

The Frost Duo has released their debut album “Spring” and they’re really giving us a diverse track-list here. We’re adoring how branched out the duocan go with their sound, not primarily sticking to one tone throughout. The Frost Duo, comprised of Christian Gratz and LeahBeth Evans, are based in Pennslyvania—they’re curating music that is honest and true to themselves, providing a contemporary twist on the predominant music scene available today. As we listen through the album, we’re receiving such elemental emotions and atmospheres from each track, each with its unique twist. As The Frost Duo began their work in 2015, and when listening to “Spring”, you can tell that this duo belongs together. Their voices complement one another. LeahBeth predominantly singing throughout the album, we obsess over how dynamic and intense her voice can get. She creates the perfect ambience for the type of music this duo is curating. It’s dance electronic, blended with contemporary techno. Other tracks encompassing a complete country tone, and others contemporary country. The combination we didn’t know we would fall in love with so fast, but we’re excited to be listening to game-changing music. As we get near the end of the 10-track album, we come across “Aimee”—a melancholic and somber track featuring The Frost Duo’s instrumentalist, Christian. We don’t hear his voice predominantly in many tracks throughout the album, but he really captures the mood and execution of the track incredibly well. 

The Frost Duo undoubtedly makes us feel immersed in “Aimee”. We must say that this track has a captivating and mellow tempo, combined with the dynamic vocalism of Christian pairs for the perfect track. “Aimee” catches your attention with the diverse guitar riffs integrated into the tranquil lyricism and vocal production of the track. The mood of “Aimee” is reminiscent—it makes us feel as if we’re in a reflecting state of mind when listening. Christian’s voice flows with the rhythm similar to the sound we were used to hearing in the late 2000’s music scene for contemporary country. The Frost Duo prove to listeners how game changing their music can be, and how many various elements they can fuse together. Some of these elements you wouldn’t expect to blend well, but The Frost Duo show with “Aimee” how they’re able to completely change the dynamic and mood of the album. We’re excited that the duo decided to switch thins up with this track, and we highly recommend our BuzzMusic listeners to listen in to The Frost Duo’s album “Spring”—it’s full of surprises!

Discover The Frost Duo’s album “Spring” here, and continue reading for their exclusive interview!