The Frost Releases New Single "Keep It Real"

The Frost is a multi-genre group comprised of Leah Evans and Christian Gratz. Located

in Pennsylvania, their upcoming single "Keep It Real” combines smooth melodies and a

beautiful tone to create music that captures the attention of audiences. “Keep It Real” will be

released on December 8th. Until then, you can listen to their previous work on Spotify. To keep

up with the latest news on the group, follow them on Facebook.

The group’s sound in their track “Keep It Real”, is upbeat and grooving and will fit perfectly on a dance or feel good playlist. The track is introduced to us with a simple beat leading into Leah’s driving vocals. The electronic bass really gives this track its drive which most of the time is overlooked in most songs. The other ornamental elements of what seems to be an electric piano and some percussion makes its way into the track.Going back to Leah’s vocals, we hear her effortlessly use her voice to really get the listener involved in the song.

Overall, it has the vibe of the 80’s which is something that might be refreshing to younger generations and will be sure to please those who grew up during that era.

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