The Gary Douglas Band Shows Us What Authenticism Means In New Single "Nothing Every Goes As Planned

Growing up in the streets of Brooklyn with a life sidetracked by Americana, Blues and Country: a mix of music that counters highly polished mainstream music, Gary Douglas is an auspicious artist with incredible talent that’s going to help him leave his mark in this industry.

There’s a certain realness that comes with his music. Life isn’t put through a lens of effects or manipulated to make sophisticated lyrics, it’s just told like it is. The perfect example of this would be his single “Nothing Ever Goes as Planned, a bold hit with authentic lyrics. I love the straight-forwardness approach conducted with not only the songwriting but the delivery of the music. It has that natural classic country rock tune with the acoustic guitar creating a nice melodic chord.

With a magnetic and captivating hook, Gary Douglas leaves us with an everlasting message that can be embedded in our memories. He embodied every true veritable element with a warm tone and vocals that’s relaxing for us to hear. A “Sing-a-long” tune, the creative idea behind this single is strategically made for fans to remember The Gary Douglas Band and the message that “Nothing Ever Goes as Planned”

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