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The Glenn Glenn Sound Only Sees You On His New Release “Bomb”

Your time together belongs to nobody but you.

Hailing from the city denizens affectionately referred to as “The Bayou City,” East Houston native Glenn Jackson managed to build a buzz for himself using nothing but pure artistic talent and execution.

A multi-faceted talent, Jackson’s resume includes acting, songwriting, producing, and more, including playing baseball and track. Having moved to LA in 2015, he graduated 2017 with a recording arts degree, enhancing his artistic repertoire even further.

With a burning love for music and the ability to see his dreams through to fruition, Jackson has established himself as one of the most unique and exciting talents coming up in the music scene today.

With influences including legendary hip-hop icons Timbaland, Pharell, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne, Jackson is the true definition of a go-getter. Experimenting with making music on FL Studio, Reason, and Cubase (to name a few) before eventually ProTools, he’s constantly found ways to re-invent himself or push the limits of his artistic style.

He’s an ever-evolving musical talent, but his passion for his craft and energy serve as an underlying unifier for each release. Now gearing up to release under his new moniker, The Glenn Glenn Sound, one thing’s for sure. It will be a wild ride, so buckle up and enjoy it.

“Bomb” is a refreshing release that perfectly introduces Jackson’s artistic direction and prowess. The instrumentals are mellow with a hip-hop undertone, leaving your head feeling like it’s in the clouds.

Lyrics like “See in the galaxy yea we both stars / We could keep a warm bed no cold heart / and as long as I’m around you’ll never starve” add to this feeling further, sapping your worry away like a relaxing, yet enticing dream. Jackson’s mellow delivery is the key here, and his performance serves as the perfect bridge between the song’s mellow instrumentals and romantic yet relaxing lyrics.

The Glenn Glenn Sound’s latest release, “Bomb,” is a low-key, charming offering for easy listening and enjoyment.


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