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"The Hug," Sonically Embraces Listeners in a Depiction of True Emotion

Turning up the heat on his usual Lo-fi dance ambiance, j_basco is back with an innovative Electro-Pop sound.

Teaming up with vocalist Marina Martin, the effervescent waves created in, “The Hug,” represent a stunning contrast throughout the beauty in melancholy. Enthralling rhythm has you on the hook as Montreal producer j_basco creates a futuristic realm of intriguing movement in the instrumentation of, “The Hug.”

The heavenly vocals exuded by Marina Martin delicately cascade mystical depth accompanying the exhilarated foundation of artistic values. Creating a collision of hopefulness in the musical tenors embodied in this sonic invitation to inner peace, the dynamism between these two artists brings an auditory canvas to life for listeners to paint their own vivid images. As we take in the melodious harmonies, we’re encouraged to feel the emotion surging through the production.

The dominant thesis of feeling isolated, and unable to connect or communicate with the people around you, is one that j_basco is familiar with. Reminding listeners to confront their own demons, the importance of following the light, and trusting the power of connection is ever so prominent.

With honesty represented in the key influences, their talents encompass, be prepared to be overcome with authenticity, deep meanings, and the urge to be profligately washed away in the sweet timbres of, “The Hug.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, j_basco, we love the collaboration between you and Marina Martin on, “The Hug.” What was it like coming together to create such a meaningful project?

After having completed the initial compositions for the album, I was stuck with this catchy beat I had created with the idea for the song. I knew the feelings I wanted to convey, but not being a vocalist or lyricist, I was unsure how to progress. I sent the beat and the text to Marina, and she sent me back a phone recording she managed whilst on the road in her campervan - I immediately fell in love with her voice and the way she developed the lyrics. It was unusual in its structure, but the contrast her voice lends to the beat makes it the perfect fit, I think, for telling the story.

As "The Hug" is the lead single off of your album, ‘Nothing Makes Sense but Colour,’ what made you chose it as the first release and single? What can listeners expect from the album?

I chose "the Hug" (and "Raspberry Rooster Feet" - the second single) as the singles since they’re the catchiest, most radio-friendly tracks on the album. They both feature vocals and I thought would be the most fun to work on for Music Videos. There’s no official date for the release of the video for "Raspberry Rooster Feet," but I’m hoping to share that over the coming months. From the album, you can expect a variety of moods - from smooth & sexy dance beats to some trippier ones. There are some melancholic vibes, to some plain bizarre ones to portray less hopeful tones. There are a few more mature-sounding songs sprinkled throughout, that contrast well with the overall colorful synthpop vibe that flows through the record.

How does this song compare to previous bodies of work that you have released?

It’s definitely one of the least experimental tracks I’ve created. In the past, most of my music could be classified as LoFi or Experimental dance, and while "the Hug" is still pretty experimental for a pop song, I think I made an effort for it to be as accessible to most people, while still staying true to myself.

Do you notice any changes in your growth as an artist from your first release to this present moment?

A lot yes! I’ve also noticed a lot of growth as a person over these last few years - and I think it translates into the music as well. I think I’ve seen growth in my creative process and my ability to achieve states of flow - as well as an ability to think more deeply about what I want to create, and what I want to express through my creations. But I’m still growing and there’s definitely a lot of room for improvement, so hopefully, I will continue to do so!

What's some advice you can give another artist who's getting started?

This might sound like a cliché, but to keep working hard, developing, and fine-tuning your craft. Sometimes we have this desire for instant recognition - but without having put in the work, and having made the mistakes - and I think it’s easy to get discouraged with that attitude. But to keep at something you love doing, and learning can be a truly rewarding journey.



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