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The Hungry & Dangerous Release a Brilliant Self-Titled Debut Single

The Nashville-based heavy-hitting rock band The Hungry & Dangerous make their big debut with a sweltering self-titled single, "The Hungry & Dangerous."

Comprised of frontman/guitarist Jordan Taylor Moed, drummer Matt Lewis, and bassist Dan Morin, The Hungry & Dangerous are quickly marking their territory as a force to be reckoned with. With various radio interviews, followed by a management deal, it's without a doubt that you'll be hearing much more of The Hungry & Dangerous as we move through 2021.

Now releasing their vibrant and hard-hitting debut single, "The Hungry & Dangerous," the band brings us all the energy and might we need nowadays. As Jordan Taylor Moed punches our speakers with his vigorous and powerful vocal portrayal, Matt Lewis and Dan Morin are there to back him up the entire way while soaking the song's atmosphere in strength and stamina.

Diving into the single, "The Hungry & Dangerous," the track opens with Jordan Taylor Moed's scorching hot electric guitar that wails and beams with all its might. As Matt Lewis begins pounding our speakers with his tight drum arrangements and overall rhythm, Dan Morin makes his plucky debut and pours a boundless groove through our speakers by way of his sweet bass licks.

Listening to Jordan Taylor Moed's lyricism, he depicts rather intense and striking scenes while describing what their band is all about through lyrics like, "We're angels playing demons, vagabonds through the seasons, we're the lethal and vigorous, The Hungry & Dangerous." As the song comes to a close, we're more than impressed with The Hungry & Dangerous' ability to captivate any listener with their fiery sonics and blazing instrumentals.

Don't miss out on the stimulating experience of The Hungry & Dangerous' debut single, "The Hungry & Dangerous," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Hungry & Dangerous. Congratulations on the release of your punchy debut single, "The Hungry & Dangerous." What inspired you to create and release this powerful self-titled single?

The Hungry and Dangerous started out as a solo single that somehow led to this beautiful project coming to be. When we announced the single in April of 2021, all of us started getting messages from fans, friends, family, etc. about how excited they were to hear the new band. So instead of us saying "Oh no it's another JTM solo single", we all got together and started discussing the idea of this becoming a band. That's when we decided we were going to move forward as The Hungry & Dangerous. The song itself is an anthem for anyone who is pursuing their dreams and or anyone who feels that there's more to life than their current situation. It's crazy because that's how we all can together as a group, the pursuit of wanting more out of life.

What was your band's creative process like when crafting the powerful instrumentals for "The Hungry & Dangerous?" How did you divide the instrumental arrangements amongst your members?

So the guitars came first before anything else, I myself had been working on this song since 2015. It wasn't until the pandemic hit and when I had approached my good friend and mixing engineer Tristan Roberts about recording and releasing new material that I had unearthed the original demo of this song. I always said with this track, that the song had to meet the power of the lyrics and when I brought the song to the guys, Matt, our drummer, instantly dove into the song, and we made sure that those drums hit hard. I think if it wasn't for Matt and Tristan's excellent ear for mixing punchy tunes, Idk if the song would have hit as hard as it did. One thing I always really liked about this song is that it really allowed me to show my roots in glam metal and 80s rock music. Over the years, I haven't had many chances to do this and when we get to do songs like this, It really gets the younger kid inside of me excited!

Who wrote the lyricism for "The Hungry & Dangerous?" What did you want your audience to take away from your descriptive lyricism?

The original draft of lyrics for The Hungry & Dangerous was written while I was a student at Full Sail University back in 2016, at the time the song was called "Angels Playing Demons". I ended up re-writing this song 3 or 4 times because I felt the lyrics never matched what the music was presenting. It wasn't until 2020 during the pandemic when we had unearthed the original demo of the song, that I decided to re-write them one more time. The Hungry & Dangerous idea came from personal experience, being a guy working full time in the music industry during the pandemic and knowing/believing that the hard work I was putting in would eventually pay off down the line. Basically the thought of having blind faith, and no false hope.

What should we expect from your forthcoming debut album in early 2022? Should we expect a particular concept or theme from this project?

What everyone should expect from this debut record is simple, authentic, original rock n roll. As a band, we all grew up and were inspired by the rock n roll icons of yesteryear, so we wanna continue on the work of there's while paving our own path. This record is all over the place musically, and that's why I feel it's such a fun album. There's not so much a concept with this album as there is a statement of who we are and what you can expect from us. Rock n Roll has become a very vague term in the last 10 to 15 years, and we feel it's our duty to carry on the torch and to bring the Rock back to Rock N Roll. I seriously doubt Elvis would be doing TikTok's or a young Motley Crue would be obsessed with doing Instagram live, let's mute the distractions and get back to what made music great back in the day, and that's writing and producing tremendous music.

What's next for you?

We are currently in the late stages of mixing and mastering our debut album with the hopes of having the album released by early 2022. Having said that, we do have another single coming this fall and it'll be our first release with Diotima Records, so we're very excited to be working with them on this record. As well as all of the new music, we are planning some live shows for 2021, and potentially some touring to follow the album release in 2022, given if the current situations stay as they are with the pandemic. But stay tuned to our socials, big things are expected to get announced very, VERY, soon.


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