The Indiana Drones Release New Rock Anthem "Did My Skin Get Thicker"

The Indiana Drones is the passion project of singer and guitarist Justin Zuccato. Justin got his start in the scene touring as the drummer for the hard rock band Thousand Foot Krutch. After which he started touring and currently is the drummer for long time friend and Interscope artist Billy Raffoul. The Indiana Drones from Windsor ON, Canada, plan to release their second full length album in 2019. Their first album “Fat Elvis Period” was released in 2016 and can be found on all online streaming platforms! Their single “Did My Skin Get Thicker” was a relatable acoustic melody encouraging you to sing along to the hook and connect with the lyrics. After listening to this song, I’ve interpreted that sometimes we take in so much negativity or tough situations where we become numb to situations deemed to usually hurt us and take us out of our element. The singer says “Tell me did my skin get thicker or am I just growing numb?”. A neat moment in this song would have to be the guitar break where we can enjoy the natural skilled talent of the artist himself and his instrument. This song will sure be a joyful tune that has you addicted to the charismatic hook and relatable lyricism!

Check out our exclusive #BuzzMusic interview where we learn more about The Indiana Drones and their new music!

How was it like for you Justin to start your career off as a drummer? 

I’ve found that in order to stay afloat trying to pursue something like music full time you have to wear a bunch of different hats.. I feel weird calling myself a drummer because I don’t think I’m any more of a drummer than a bass player or guitar player.. There has just weirdly been more opportunity to tour as a drummer for me. Plus I love Billys music and genuinely love travelling and playing with him so I’ll do that as long as he’ll have me. But The Drones is my creative outlet.

How would you guys describe the kind of music you make and why?

See I don’t know the correct terminology or genre names ya know? .. I would call it punk rock but there are a thousand purists that would beg to differ. Our music obviously has its influences but that's just the vehicle for me. It will take on a life of its own as we roll out with more material.. I care about good songs first and foremost. I feel like a good song is kinda undeniable and will always have legs. Not saying we’ve accomplished anything to that extent but that's what we aim to do!


Did you guys have a lot of fun creating “Did My Skin Get Thicker” ?

“Did My Skin Get Thicker” was born out of a night out in Toronto with my friend Spyros. He said something throughout the night along the lines of “we live forward but only make sense of it looking backwards” or something like that. You hear “hindsight is 20/20” and stuff but id never heard it said so simply I guess? Something about that just resonated and I knew I was going to use it in a song. That eventually became the first line “We live life forward but understand it in reverse” then it kinda just wrote itself after that. I recorded it in my ex girlfriends apartment really quickly and it became the final version. It's funny.. around the middle of the song in the musical section you can hear a little blip in the recording. kinda sounds like a mistake or a voice. It's me saying “bless you” because Catherine sneezed on the couch next to me. I just thought that embodied the laid-backness and purity in the process of creating this batch of songs so I left it in the song.

What can we look forward from your album in 2019?

Well, the album is shaping up.. we’re constantly switching out songs and trying to beat out songs but we wanna keep it short. 10 songs maybe 11.. I'm just trying to put the best songs I have on it and not adhere to any stylistic restrictions. For example “idk if I have enough heavy songs” or “there cant be two softer songs in a row”. I don’t really care about that stuff at this point i’m just trying to put the best songs I have out into the world. 

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