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The Jemini Gives Us His Truth With "91' Drip"

Despite having the odds stacked against him, The Jemini was able to overcome the challenges of being born out of poverty and did not allow it to stop him from pursuing music.

The Jemini was born in Albany, New York and was raised in Atlanta and Virginia, where he currently resides.

“91’ Drip” has a classic trap sound with hard vibrating bass lines. The melodic line

provides a dark quality to the song. The eery singles notes of the melody bring the focus to the rap verses that The Jemini is saying. Even the intro of a spoken phrase adds to the intensity of the track. Due to The Jemini’s passion for music, his listeners will be able to get a part of him in every one of the songs that he releases.

The lyrics are provocative and easily create his own flow as the song continues. The Jemini presents his views of the world and people’s opinions of him by saying that he just “don’t give a fuck”. The repetition of “91’Drip” will be stuck in your head for quite some time. With witty but passionate lyrics, The Jemini is sure to bring more playlist-worthy tracks.

Hey Ajaye! Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

I'm Ajaye, A.k.A The Jemini, an upcoming independent artist based in Henrico, VA (WestEnd). I have music all on major platforms "The Best of Both Worlds," "The Best of Both Worlds(The Sequel)," 91 Baby(The Warm Up), and my most recent released single, "91' Drip" off my upcoming project 91 baby dropping very very soon, the upload in progress as we speak.

What does the song title, “91’ Drip,” mean?

91' Drip is being realistic; for example, I was born in 91 with a unique Drip not only shown through fashion but good vibes as well, in a variety of ways. Like drip is a way of expressing yourself in the way you choose,  whether it's music, fashion, jewelry, lingo, cars, woman, houses....etc.

Can you tell us a bit about the creation process of writing the song?

My Producer played the beat, and it talked to me, so I opened my Samsung note app and started to speak back.

How has your life changed since releasing music?

Not changed at all. The grind really never stops; just have to keep making and releasing music while getting better and better as I go.|

What's your favorite lyric from “91’ Drip”?

"Peanut Butter Jelly time, I don't like your kind."

What can we expect from you through 2019?

Good Vibes Only and a lot of music to come; 91 Baby is dropping very soon, like maybe tomorrow, on all major platforms, and 91 Baby (The Sequel) is already in progress.


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