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Photo by: Stellan Runge

Picture a blend of tropical vibes and frosty Scandinavian rock, and you'll start to grasp the essence of THE MIND ACTION CONFLICT. Fueled by frontman Elias's love affair with Cuba, this band embodies the transformative power of music and human connection. Elias's bond with Cuba began seven years ago when the mother of his child introduced him to the island's spirited culture. In Santa Clara, Elias discovered a treasure trove of inspiration, ultimately giving birth to THE MIND ACTION CONFLICT.

The band's formation is a testament to the fusion of two distinct musical worlds. It's where the pulsating energy of Caribbean jam sessions intertwines with the raw power of Scandinavian rock. As a result, THE MIND ACTION CONFLICT exudes an eclectic sound that marries the two traditions, serving as a metaphor for abandoning the confines of the mind in favour of action.

Enter "Fantasy," the band's latest single perfectly encapsulates this journey. The song's lyrics explore the concept of an idealized mental escape that both entices and troubles Elias. The listener can't help but be drawn into this intriguing paradox as the infectious melody and ethereal lyrics work together to create a truly memorable experience.

Listeners are treated to a captivating soundscape as Elias's vocals glide over the mesmerizing beat effortlessly. The poignant lyrics highlight the struggle to find solace in alternative sources of "magic peace," while the outro's repetition of "Try to get back again, Try is the best I can" reinforces the importance of perseverance.

"Fantasy" is a triumphant expression of THE MIND ACTION CONFLICT's unique musical vision. It's a vibrant, witty, honest exploration of human emotion and the quest for inner peace. This band has proven that they're unafraid to dive into the depths of their souls to create something extraordinary. We can't wait to see what they'll surprise us with next.

Fantasize with this one today, available on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, THE MIND ACTION CONFLICT! Congrats on creating a dreamscape with "Fantasy," which delves into the concept of an idealized mental escape; can you share more about the personal experiences or emotions that inspired the creation of this song and its portrayal of a fantasy world?

There is a fine line between fantasies as an escape or a way to reach the true self. To live with the expected outcome instead of what is. I’m not sure I know the difference, but I'm aware of the problem. To live within the expected outcome instead of what is. It easily gets you lost with all the wrong actions and answers. Writing this song was a bit like that; a few pieces of separate truths were moulded together.

The lyrics of "Fantasy" touch upon the struggle of finding solace and peace through alternative sources. How do you think this theme resonates with listeners, and what message do you hope they take away from the song?

Isn't that what all of us do, in somewhat different ways? We put the question differently and look for the answer in various places. But we all want the same thing. To have, create or live the fantasy that makes us feel content. If I've given anyone 5 minutes and 14 seconds to think, I believe there are many things you could take away from this fantasy.

Musically, "Fantasy" brings together elements of Scandinavian rock and Caribbean sounds. How did you approach the process of blending these distinct styles while still maintaining a cohesive and engaging sound throughout the track?

So I’ve collected several magical sound machines and boxes during the last couple of years; they can make all sorts of fun stuff to audio. Something happens if you combine a few Nordic woodsmen and a pinch of Latin flavour into the blend. Also, I’m very fortunate to have many talented people around, and I’ve heard very good music during my lifetime. Both are crucial while learning how to produce.

The outro of "Fantasy" emphasizes the importance of perseverance with the repeated lines "Try to get back again, Try is the best I can." How does this concept of trying and pushing through challenges relate to your personal journey as a musician and the formation of THE MIND ACTION CONFLICT?

I came to a point where I had to choose to give up a dream or take action. I chose to do the last because of what happens when you let dreams dry out. That is THE MIND ACTION CONFLICT, an inner battle of knowing what has to be done and the will to act on that knowledge.

Following the release of "Fantasy" and its exploration of the quest for inner peace, what direction do you envision for THE MIND ACTION CONFLICT's future music? Can fans expect more fusion of different styles, or will you venture into new territories to continue telling your story?

The blend of the impressions from culture and people inspires the most. And the creative outcome naturally becomes a fusion of whatever made an imprint. Since I’m surrounded by talented creatives, I believe the fusion reaches beyond what can be heard. It would be very interesting to explore how the music could look in a visual context.


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