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The Missing Frets Don't Want You To Get Caught In A "One Track Mind"

A collective of diverse backgrounds, indie rockers The Missing Frets write songs that weave together lyrical content that is both relatable and thought-provoking.

The band's concept was inspired by songwriter and guitarist Shaun Lovell and materialized in 2013 when his wife, Bindu, decided to join the project as bassist. Originally out of Durban, South Africa, the duo relocated to Philly in 2016. They teamed up with local drummer Johnny Martin and are now based in Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Fusing the rooted rhythmical heritage of the lead singer's homeland, they forge a raw, energetic sound under gritty guitar riffs. This allows potent musicality to come unraveling from their latest single, "One Track Mind," as The Missing Frets follows their tantalizing recipe for creating a hit song.

The jaunty riffs set a buoyant tone alongside the deep bass grooves and effervescent percussion, making the rhythm impossible to sit still to. As The Missing Frets take us on this sonic rollercoaster of feel-good vibes meets earnest storytelling, we're ushered into the song's narrative convincingly as the unique and robust timbres allow each lyrical motif to swaddle you.

Diving into the intricately crafted words, lyrics like "You're stuck in a one-track mind, in someone else's timeline" have us fixated on the highly relatable quintessence in the song. There are constant worries about living on someone else's agenda when you could live on your own accord.

The kicker is how prominent this worry is amongst the minds of all residing on this earth. The Missing Frets allow us to take this composition for what it is in a playful manner: a public service announcement to re-evaluate our lives and start living for ourselves but in a bold and non-preachy way.

So, take in the entirety of "One Track Mind" on all major streaming platforms today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Missing Frets. It's great to have you here chatting with us about your hit, "One Track Mind." What moment or story inspired such a profound message to be sent out in this song?

Hey, thanks. This song was inspired by Shaun's experience at one point in his life when he was working in what felt like a dead-end job, controlled and influenced by a boss that was not very open to change or consideration for the workers beneath him. It is kind of an outburst song written to cope with the circumstance. We would love an introduction to the band members and how each person comes together to help create brilliant records like this one.

Shaun is the lead vocalist, guitarist, and primary songwriter; he has a natural gift for bringing lyrics into melody. Lately, there have been more lyrical collaboration between members. Bindu is the bassist, backing vocalist, and, more recently, a contributor in the songwriting realm; she brings poetic tendencies. As a former modern dancer, she brings movement to the music. Johnny is the drummer; he has an uncanny ability for song structure and essential accents that complement the melody. The band's process usually unfolds through a stripped-down acoustic song idea into the DAW sent to Johnny. We bounce ideas back and forth until we come up with a definitive structure. Once we have a solid demo, we begin the final tracking and production process.

Sometimes artists stay away from specific topics due to them not fitting their style. How important is it for you to relay your messages in a way that stays true to your craft? Can all messages be done like this? It is not really important to us because if we feel strongly enough about the message, there can be a song there, and if a song manifests, there is a potential for music or good art that is naturally inspired. And if we are inspired, then we are true to our style. How does "One Track Mind" compare to other songs in your music catalog? We think it has a similar sound to the songs of the 'Pipe Dreams' EP, with crunchy rhythm guitar but a subtle punkish feel. What can we expect to see and hear from you in 2023? We have some exciting things, including a series of singles to release throughout the year. Some full-length music videos, alternative versions of older songs, and some signature covers are in the arsenal. And, of course, some live shows are in the works.

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