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The MookMann Delivers Abstract Depth In, "Stalking Shadows"

Combining elements of soul-infused Jazz with Urban Rap intensity, The MookMann radiates a unique genre of Trap Jazz. When you syndicate the sounds together you get an exclusive taste of pure originality. With a love for telling stories based on the lives of others, The MookMann offers up solutions to modern troubles that in turn make you shake and groove.

Fusing his talents with Lo-fi producer extraordinaire, Jake Jurant, both creatives bring forth, “Stalking Shadows.” Through the enticing instrumentation that has you anticipating what is next to come, the lively components dabble in the realm of mid-tempo to upbeat as you capture the essence emanated in, “Stalking Shadows.” The fresh radiance of the vocalized nimbleness washes over you as you take in each reverberated quip.

Dangling his lyrical abilities in front of us, The MookMann offers up expressions of an everyday casual lifestyle taking a turn for the worse. The vivid imagery that The MookMann illustrates has us sinking in our seats as we wrap our minds around lyrics like, “Phone won’t ring if you’re waiting for the call. Shadows are bound to get caught in the spotlight.” Our thoughts simmer on the sizzling aspect of reality that is brought forth in the tales that he tells from his heart.

“Stalking Shadows,” has us recognizing the sparkling energy behind the Trap Jazz artist that continues to make his mark where it counts. Conveying a deep meaning behind each word carefully written, it is no wonder that The MookMann is building up his rapidly growing fan base with each genius creation at a time.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The MookMann, and congratulations on the release of your abstract single, “Stalking Shadows.” Where did the inspiration for a song of this caliber come from?

My friend Jake and I really like jazz and Lofi in addition to my “trap jazz” style we thought it would be very unique to blend together the two styles and give the public a new sound.

What moments get you into your most artistic phases when you create your music?

I usually feel creative when I’m in a bad or depressed mood I never feel complete when I’m happy because I know sadness is around the corner so I look forward to those moments so I can express how I truly feel.

You truly have a great dynamic with Jake Jurant. How did you come to collaborate with him and what was the experience like?

I was listening to music on Spotify and came across one of his masterpieces and looked him up on Instagram to tell him how wonderful his music is and he checked out my sound and understood from the very start, where I was going with “trap jazz” and working with him to make this track has been a wonderful experience we both knew it has to be unique and stands out so I told him where I was going with the track and he liked it and that’s when we made this hit.

How important is it for you to bring in your own personal life experiences into the music that you put forth?

The experiences have taught me to listen and learn from people who already went through it and I tend to express and explain the answers through my songs so hopefully, others won’t make the same mistakes

2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone. What has been keeping you inspired to create music? What advice can you give another artist who's finding it difficult to do so?

What has kept me inspired in 2020 is not quitting usually when the tough gets going people just bail but I say it’s going to get hard regardless of why not keep going and get a reward out of it. The best advice to give is don’t listen to other artists' music if you get unmotivated fast instead enjoy what you’re creating and keep having fun eventually a door will open you to the correct path in the meantime enjoy yourself don’t stress about what you can’t control.


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