The Psychos Of Soul's New Single, "Like You Used To," Hits Us In All the Right Places

The Austin-based singer-songwriter and genre-bending recording artist, The Psychos Of Soul, releases his sultry and explosive debut single, "Like You Used To."

The multi-instrumentalist prides himself on his versatile sound that merges genres like grunge, blues, rock, and pop, inspired by acts like Nirvana, Royal Blood, Soundgarden, The Black Keys, Post Malone, and more. The Psychos Of Soul is not just an organized sound but a sacred outlet to harnessing true inner expression.

Recently releasing his heavy and gripping single, "Like You Used To," The Psychos Of Soul drenches us in a powerful and bluesy sonic atmosphere with hints of grunge, hip-hop, and pop. The song's lyrical content expands on a rather intense theme, as The Psychos Of Soul reminds us that love might be tender, but it can easily be tainted with jealousy, resentment, and bitter impulses.

Diving into "Like You Used To," the track takes off with a growling bass-like synth, airy mid-tempo drum breaks, and The Psychos Of Soul's haunting and sensual vocal stylings. As the grungy and crunchy electric guitar begins to pierce our speakers, The Psychos Of Soul make his way over to the hook while summoning all the lust, passion, and stimulation we can ask for.

As he blasts off into a heated and fiery sonic space, The Psychos Of Soul continues to drench us in the aches and pains of a tumultuous relationship, where love is often associated with pain. We can't get enough of the sexual and riveting atmosphere that The Psychos Of Soul offers within this delicious hit, especially as he blasts his way to the outro alongside the wailing guitars and crashing drum breaks.