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The Rayes Serenade Us In a Refreshing Single, "New Woman"

The retro independent rock band and four-piece The Rayes release a rejuvenating and refreshing single with their latest passionate single entitled "New Woman."

The band is fronted by sisters Rebecca and Jordan Stobbe alongside friends Ian LeSage on guitar and Patrick Hagan on drums. The Rayes offer a retro sound that's reminiscent of acts like Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin while holding a similar freshness akin to the music of Sharon Van Etten and Aldous Harding.

Recently releasing their lush and heaven-sent single, "New Woman," The Rayes offer an incredibly passionate listening experience as the Stobbe sisters serenade us with the utmost refreshing lyrical content. As the band grooves their way through a blend of folk, country, and soft rock, they bring us into a tender atmosphere that's equally as rejuvenating as it is blissful.

Hopping into the track, "New Woman," we're met with Rebecca Stobbe's sole vocals alongside a soothing keyboard melody. As she begins to vocalize her desire to hear someone invite her to stay, the twangy guitars begin to melt through our speakers while dropping us into the passionate and savory hook. We can't get enough of the captivating harmonies that Rebecca and Jordan Stobbe have to offer, as they lay over our speakers like a blanket of emotion.

We can hear some vocal influences from the legendary Stevie Nicks, as both Stobbe sisters channel the utmost emotion to portray such a vivid and chilling listening experience. As The Rayes leads us to the song's end with their soothing instrumentals, the piece closes on a delicate and revitalizing note.

Take a breath of fresh air with help from The Rayes' recent single, "New Woman," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusc The Rayes. What a chilling and passionate venture you've taken us on with your latest single, "New Woman." What inspired your group to write this refreshing piece?

I wrote "New Woman" when we were still living in New York, right after lockdown started. I was overwhelmed with the feelings and emotions that accompanied the start of the pandemic, and everything going on in the world. Feeling very helpless, and alone, but trying my hardest to keep my eyes on the other side of the storm. It was yet another change and transition coming my way, and I was tired of facing it alone. I was dying to find comfort; to be held. But I knew that just wasn't in the cards for me, and all I could do was prepare myself for the changes to come. I knew that to find peace, I would have to weather the change, and I'd have to do it alone. This song represents the struggle of getting through that, and the envisioning of myself on the other side, I think it was ultimately in the belief that I'd make it through, where I found the peace.

Could you break down how your group went about creating the instrumentals for "New Woman"? What does your band's creative process normally look like?

Hah! Well, it looks very different in the pandemic age than it used to! My sister (Rebecca) and I always write the melody + lyrics + structure of the song, as well as our individual instrumental parts (guitar and bass), and then we used to (pre-pandemic) bring it to the practice studio with our band and hash out most of the rest of the song with the full group. I guess we do it in pretty much the same fashion now, but it's all done remotely because we're currently not all in the same city. So we will send parts back and forth virtually and work through things that way until we're happy with the feel and all the instrumental parts. We've always loved working as a band because our bandmates will always come up with ideas and parts that we never would have thought of. I think it's always good to have other opinions and perspectives, while still keeping with the original vision for the song! Who wrote the passionate lyrical content for "New Woman?" What overall sensation or feeling did you want to give listeners through your lyrics?

That would be me and my sister. Usually one of us writes the crux of the song, and then we come together to finish it off. I (Jordan) wrote the majority of this one, and the melody and lyrics were actually inspired by an intimate acoustic cover that Kingsbury did of "Like A Virgin," and I think the vibe of the way she performed that song is what led me to write this song in the way I did. I think I find a lot of solaces in songs that are about getting through a struggle, or about loneliness because I guess I'm just a lonely motherfucker! Hah! I really want to create music that touches others who need that solace too. I hope that maybe my lyrics will reach someone who needs to know they're not alone.

How does "New Woman" represent your band's sound and musical approach? How can listeners get to know you better through songs like this?

The music from the '60s and '70s have always been our deepest inspiration, and definitely naturally comes through in our music. Like Fleetwood, Zeppelin, Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, just to name a few. But recently we've really been on this Waxahatchee + Aldous Harding + Laura Marling kick, and I think that vibe really came through in this song too. I think we aren't afraid to be vulnerable in our music. I mean, truly that's what our entire music career has been! Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. I hope that our listeners can connect with us through our music because we keep ourselves right up front in our songs. We want to be close to our listeners and we want them to feel close to us. Music is all about reaching people and providing a source of comfort and inspiration, and solace in our experiences. I like to think of it as a melodic way of holding your hand.

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