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The Right Offs Scream “Fire In a Theatre”

The Right Offs are a New Haven, CT, USA based rock n' roll trio who channel every ounce of joy, grit, and energy they can muster into their music. The band features the soulful and instantly

memorable vocals of singer/songwriter/guitarist Max Loignon, backed by the dynamic rhythm section of Than Rolnick on bass/backing vocals and drummer Bob Rock. Their local performances are legendary. In 2016 The Right Offs self-released their debut album Quiet.

Down to rave reviews in local press. The Right Offs quickly became a force to be reckoned with. With the release of their new three song EP "Fire In a Theatre", The Right Offs are ready to begin their next chapter. As the first fruit of a nearly year-long recording process, "Fire In a Theatre" is a resounding reaffirmation of the band's core strengths as an explosive live band and accomplished songwriting team. With several new releases planned for 2019, "Fire In a Theatre" provides an enticing and worthy taste of what is yet to come. True to their name, The Right Offs are poised and energized for what's next, and as a result, right where they belong.

What’s up CONNECTICUT! I am still rocking out to this track. I mean where do I start! That intro with the classic drum stick countdown is one of my favorite things about rock and roll. The vocals are one you will never forget. There is so much strength in this bands sound. I love the chorus. How his voice changes during “Fire in a Theatre” and at the end of theatre there is a slight vocal run and I am here for it! There really isn’t anything to not love about this track. Amazing guitar strings and dope drumming makes this one for the book!

Be sure to give a listen to "Fire In a Theatre" and scroll down to check out the group's exclusive interview!

Hey guys! Would you mind introducing yourselves to our readers?

Sure thing. We’re a three-piece rock ’n roll outfit from New Haven, CT. Our current lineup has been around for almost two years, Max Omer on vocals and guitar, Than Rolnick on bass and backup vocals, and Bob Rock holds down the beat and makes us look good. We’re all about writing great songs and going for the gusto on stage every single time.

What is the music scene like in Connecticut?

We’d call it vibrant and robust. It’s a small state but the quality more than makes up for any lack of quantity. There are some amazingly talented, genuine, generous, hard-working people here making all kinds of music, and the cozy size of things makes for a great community vibe. There are also some fantastic venues that get a lot of great touring acts.

Why did you guys choose rock and roll as your genre of music?

We’ve all loved rock music since we were tykes. It’s such a wide-open genre, there’s always another artist to learn about past and present. It’s within reach of simpletons like us, but it can be as complicated and creative as you could want.

What is the story behind the track “Fire In The Theatre”?

Fire in a Theatre is about words and speech with respect to location, time and space. To say the name "Macbeth" in a theatre is bad luck for actors... but not if that's the play you're putting on. It’s also a ridiculously fun song to play.

What can we hope to see from you in the future?

Bigger, better, more. This is a very exciting time for us! We have a full-length album planned, videos, touring. The Right Offs are expanding our scope in every way possible.


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