The Rising Canadian Alt-Rap Artist Who's Helping To Revitalize The Way Gen Z Hears Music

It's difficult to find an artist that you truly connect with these days. The ones that send shivers down your spine when you first hear their music. The ones you can personally connect with without ever having met them. The artist who grinds all day and night, writes about real shit (not the cliche 'molly, lean, money, and f**king chicks) and the artist who stays humble and makes you feel your worth something through the power of their lyrics. Well, good news! We've found one and you're gonna want to know the deetz!

Canadian Alt-Rap Artist LowKeyytm has our attention. His new single 'My Way' was released today under the art collective and record label KillaKollective based in Toronto, Canada.

Produced by Jerome, the artist’s new single is a fusion of his alternative background fused with modern hip-hop and trap beats. Previous songs include “In My Bones” and “Over It” with a video for “In My Bones”. LowKeyytm proves his writing and singing are a new curve of music, ditching the 'SoundCloud Rapper' facade and forming his own path of musical success, pulling in the entire new Generation Z and revitalizing the way they hear and connect with music.

LowKeyytm has found much of his influence in acts such as I SEE STARS, Billy Idol, and Post Malone. His writing is inspired by a positive message to fans that they aren’t alone and shouldn’t feel alone, “to take opportunities in life, and to always believe in themselves”. LowKeyytm is trying to set a different message than what is mostly found in the urban sound. His music contains a variety of emotions such as pain, love, addictions, and accomplishments that relate to his life. 

With his new single “My Way”, LowKeyytm is hoping to promote the message that you shouldn’t take things for granted and to count their blessings while they have them. With the music background he has, LowKeyytm wants to instil to other upcoming artists and even fans that they can do anything – which nothing should hold you back from achieving what you have dreamed.

Stream/Download "My Way" here.