The Romanian-Bred, London-Taught Intoner, Andrada, Releases Latest Pop single, "High on Love"

Andrada's last musical endeavor saw enough well-deserved attention that AMG Sony jumped at the opportunity to support the music video for "I'll Be Lovin' You."

Her latest single, "High on Love," feels like the big brother to that production.

Departing from more the straight forward contemporary toplines that operated over those previous choruses, she cultivates a more jaunty hook for her sophomore attempt at striking a home-run.

"High on Love," capers along with a buoyant cadence, festooned with a melody that texturizes every tantalizing line that spills out from Andrada's lips. With a magnetic adhesive, it draws you in for an intimate ride, "no, I can't wait no more, tonight I'm high on love, I can't control my body babe."

As the super-charged vibrations serenade you with timeless R&B eloquence, Andrada's vocal harmonies diffuse from the expanses of the mix, illuminating the ambient atmospheres with saturated pads as they dissolve back into the oscillating void. There's a quintessential riffing guitar that marks each hook lik