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The Romanian-Bred, London-Taught Intoner, Andrada, Releases Latest Pop single, "High on Love"

Andrada's last musical endeavor saw enough well-deserved attention that AMG Sony jumped at the opportunity to support the music video for "I'll Be Lovin' You."

Her latest single, "High on Love," feels like the big brother to that production.

Departing from more the straight forward contemporary toplines that operated over those previous choruses, she cultivates a more jaunty hook for her sophomore attempt at striking a home-run.

"High on Love," capers along with a buoyant cadence, festooned with a melody that texturizes every tantalizing line that spills out from Andrada's lips. With a magnetic adhesive, it draws you in for an intimate ride, "no, I can't wait no more, tonight I'm high on love, I can't control my body babe."

As the super-charged vibrations serenade you with timeless R&B eloquence, Andrada's vocal harmonies diffuse from the expanses of the mix, illuminating the ambient atmospheres with saturated pads as they dissolve back into the oscillating void. There's a quintessential riffing guitar that marks each hook like a beam, celebrating the bordering lines between sensualized R&B inspired verses and club-house screaming choruses—the ones that gyrate with endless union amongst various polished synths and filtering swells.

It's a song that soundtracks the mood of strutting up to the dancefloor, perfectly rendering-up like an utterly unique Pop single that traverses between the heavy-sub, gyrating sounds of Dua Lipa, and the filtered drops someone like Calvin Harris would employ. What you get is a salacious Dance and Pop amalgamated incantation, chaperoned by a voice that's seen its fair share of limelight both on stage; and soon to be on screen.

The intensified after-glow that hovers around your temple after Andrada's "High on Love" shouldn't come as a surprise. It follows you like an intoxicating aura, pulling you deeper into an infatuated state with the gravitational pull behind each resounding hook: ("your lips became a drug, tonight I'm high on love!") 

Can you walk us through the inception of "High on Love?" Where did this song's journey begin? Was it a melody at first? A rhythm stuck in your head? Or maybe a few lyrics that became something more?

High on Love is the definition of a track that ‘just happened’. The second I heard that guitar drop I fell in love with it and everything after just fell into place straight away. The melody definitely came first and then as we were writing the top line we randomly started singing ‘I need to know your name’ and couldn’t get that lyric out of our heads so we created the rest of the song around that idea.

What were the most powerful emotions that found their way into your vocal performance during "High On Love?" And are those emotions commonplace in your artistic process?

As much as it is a pop track that seems like an easy listen, it is also a very hard song to sing. There are a lot of transitions between head voice and chest voice that took me a lot of practice. High on Love is definitely a track that requires a lot of core support and precision. It’s a very passional song, so I tried to transpose my ‘fire’ into it. Whenever I record a song, my whole body gets involved and I usually bop around behind the mic. My producer thinks I’m slightly insane.

Was "High On Love" based on any life-experiences or past-scenarios that influenced the way this track turned out? What would they be, and how did those experiences manifest themselves here?

I always make use of past experiences when I write songs...I guess that’s the blessing and the curse of being an artist. We can turn every person, situation, memory, and experience into a lyric, a metaphor, or even a story. With this particular song, I combined past thoughts and emotions whilst also thinking about what our generation would like to hear. Everyone out there is either falling in love, falling out of love, looking for love, or trying to escape love.

With "High on Love," it’s more about lust. It’s more about that one time you fell in love with a stranger and for a second the world stopped and you thought ‘this night will never end’.

If you could give your listeners a few words that would enhance the intended experience behind "High On Love," what would you say?

I would definitely say - Listen to "High on Love" in the car. Driving to the seaside if possible! I’m telling you...when that guitar drop hits in the car speakers you’ll feel alive. You’ll feel good. You’ll feel...high!

Did you go into this year with any specific goals you wanted to reach with your music? Did the changes around the world affect your goals in any way?

I did and I didn’t. I like planning my life out as much as I can, but I am also aware that things don’t always happen when we want them to or how we want them to, so sometimes it’s best to just ‘go with the flow’ and take it day by day.  Life has its ways of surprising you and getting you to where you need to be. In my case, COVID has definitely turned my life upside down and I had to readjust massively, but I know I am not the only one going through it, so I’m just going to roll with the punches. 2020 has been a good year for me professionally. I really can’t complain. I wouldn’t have dreamt in a million years to reach the Itunes and Billboard charts and somehow it happened so I am extremely grateful and happy about that.

2020 for me has mostly been about finding a good team, refining my brand, and releasing more music, which I have. I am happy with the progress that I’ve made this past year and I’m looking forward to working twice as hard in the new year. I have a Christmas song on the way that I am really proud of and that I hope will be remembered in the future as the 2020 Christmas Anthem. 



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