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The Ruffolos Gives Their Listener The ULTIMATE Reggae Rock Experience

Reggae Rock is a fascinating genre to me. Not only is it relaxing but it’s one of many music’s forms of imagery. It creates settings for us and relaxation. So when we heard that The Ruffolos, the trio based out of Pico Rivera, California were representing this genre, you can bet we were excited!

The Ruffolos released their single “Samuel L. Jackson”. The interesting aspect of this single was immediately the eye-catching title. I instantly thought of the actor Samuel L. Jackson and the roles he tends to play as an actor. The multiple characters he’s represented in film and television all had this badass persona about them. So once I heard the actual song, to say I wasn’t surprised about how badass the record was would be an overstatement. I just knew The Ruffolos were about to deliver us a jam! And a jam is what they surely delivered. The rapid and exhilarating energy the rhythm of the drums gave represented that supersonic roots in rock n roll tempo! This was thanks to the amazing drummer Timmy Bivens also known as, “TittyTwisterTim”. The Bassist, Tuba, and Backup vocalist, Sir Martin Ortiz II who goes by the name of “Girthbrooks” delivered us that soulful substance that most reggaeton is equipped with. The Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist, and Vocalist, Robert Casas also known as “SequoiaRob” gave us a nice fusion of raw rock n roll grit with a soulful texturized tone to detail the reggae element, while still giving us electrifying chords from the guitar! “Samuel L. Jackson” was a smashing hit with a multitude of components to create the true experience of Reggae Rock one of a kind for its listener!

Check out the track here! Keep scrolling for our exclusive interview.

Welcome to BuzzMusic The Ruffolos! What drawn you to the style of Reggae Rock? From your artist perspective, how would you describe this genre?

· We are actually drawn to all types of genres of music but if we had to classify our sound into something it would be Reggae Rock. To us, Reggae Rock is simply feel good music. Music that allows people to party and have a good time! It is a genre that we can contribute our diverse backgrounds of musical influences (Ska, Punk, Rock, Funk, Blues, Classical etc.) into a sound that appeals to all ages.

As a trio, how do you manage to fuse the multiple personalities into one sound for the band? How is it challenging?

· When you have a band that is all on the same page – goals, dreams, and aspirations – you get a sound that is fun for all! It only becomes challenging when there is lack of communication. It’s basically a marriage, but our babies are songs. 

Let’s talk about your killer music! Listening to “Samuel L. Jackson” was a nice mood changer. Noticing the eye catching title we must ask, what was the inspiration behind it? How does the title reflect the theme of the song?

· We play with all types of genres of music – Reggae, Indie, Alternative, Hip Hop, Funk, Blues, Punk etc. – but we noticed we did not have a “In Your Face” type of song… So who better to be inspired by than Samuel L. Jackson! The Baddest Motherfucka in showbiz.

Were there any specific lyric arrangements you were aiming for?

· One day #SequoiaRob, #GirthBrooks and our photographer @snappinturtle_ were sitting around jamming and realized we made a hit! Then we started aiming for a sound that we felt Samuel L. Jackson would be proud of. Who knows… maybe he will use it in a future film or play it at his parties! We just try to create feel good music/lyrics that are fun to play and fun to hear. 

What’s next for you this summer The Ruffolos?

· Currently we have transitioned to a new drummer #TittyTwisterTim and have many new songs in the works! We plan to continue booking gigs and making tips at live shows, which have crowd-funded our EPs in the past. We also have plans to create a monthly Punky Reggae Party event with our sister band @jabbermouth_ and other bands throughout Los Angeles. Anyway, if you like what you heard, then you will love what is to come! Thank you for your time and support. 


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