The Song of COVID 19 is Here, Brought to You by Ohreo Latest Release “Lockdown”

Not wasting his creative time while in quarantine, Ohreo pens relatable raps on latest track “Lockdown”. Ticking percussive beats, pulse along with Ohreo’s free-flowing raps. Tapping into all our current states of being, Ohreo quite possibly single-handedly creates a COVID 19 slogan on lyrics: “Covids outta hand, damn this ain't part the plan,” never has a rhyme been so in touch with the times. Ohreo clearly isn’t wasting his time during “Lockdown”, showcasing his originality and ability to connect with the listener.

Ohreo is a 19-year-old rapper based in Los Angeles, California, writing, producing, and creating his own rhymes. Ohreo’s primary goal is to write lyrics that are relatable to his listener that spread messages of positivity through his music. “Lockdown” is a true representation of Ohreo’s creative purpose, reminding us that we are all in this together. The hip hop beats and simple harmonic tones backing this track, give the piece an air of defiance to it- even though we are “trapped” we still have the ability to rise above oppressive circumstances. We certainly enjoyed hearing Ohreo’s take on “Lockdown” and we can’t wait for you to experience it as well.

You can find “Lockdown” here.

Hello Ohreo and thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. We loved your latest release “Lockdown” so many can place themselves into the lyrics. How has your experience with COVID quarantine been and what effect has it had on your music? Thank you! This song for me was something I’ve always wanted to tell my listeners: sometimes we get so caught up in the daily grind that we need to distance ourselves a little bit. For me, “Lockdown” is about realizing what’s truly important to us, giving ourselves a break, and turning something seemingly negative into a chance to grow. Quarantine during Covid has been a crazy time for all of us. Unprecedented in the history of the world. For me, it has truly been an eye-opening experience. So many everyday things we took for granted have come to a standstill. More importantly, humanity has come together to show solidarity against the pandemic, which I think shows a lot about how when crisis strikes, humans will always be united. What influences in life do you work into your artistry? What do you want listeners to take away from your music? I think human experience has always been my most important influence. I see how people live their lives and what they want to hear, but sometimes never get to. What I want listeners to see in me is someone that understands their struggle, empathizes with them, and wants to see them succeed. I want listeners to know that I am someone who, not only through their music but as a person as well, will support them through thick and thin. Do you have any specific musical influences that have played a key part in your artistry? To be honest, my journey has been about working hard, perfecting my craft, and finding my own voice amidst so many that want theirs to be heard. I’ve strived to be unique, stay true to myself, and forge forward. While it is important to draw on those musicians that may be doing well, I have never tried to emulate anyone. How have you managed to stay connected to the music community during this time of “Lockdown”? This music video was a way for me to reach out to the world community as a whole and depict the idea that though we may be in isolation, humans are always united. I continue to produce and write music during this time, because I feel like it is such an important time in human history, and what better way to capture how we went through it than through song? If anything, my collaborations with various producers and artists has increased during this time as we reach out to one another and look to put out music that encapsulates what the world is going through.

What can we expect to see next from you throughout 2020? Since I am both an actor and a rapper, I have so much more in store. I have at least a dozen unreleased tracks. I am also starring in a new film, but more information will come out about that soon. I’m excited to put out all the content I’ve been developing throughout the last year and hear how people respond!