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The Sparkle & Fade Reminds Listeners to Unapologetically Be Themselves With, "Live Life Out Loud"

Hailing from the Connecticut shoreline, the 4-piece Power Pop/Rock band The Sparkle & Fade releases an encouraging and empowering single titled "Live Life Out Loud." The Sparkle & Fade is made up of vocalist Lindsey Callahan, her husband Jeff Callahan (guitar), her sister Courtney Seely (keys and backing vocals), and brother-in-law Tyler Seely (bass and guitar).

Having their creativity peak amid the heat of the lockdown, the two couples within The Sparkle & Fade found themselves taking advantage of these times while getting into the studio. Creating music that speaks on the duality of humans' lives and writing deep lyricism that motivates the listener is a staple that The Sparkle & Fade consistently delivers. Regarding their recent single, the band has inspired once again.

Their recent uplifting and exhilarating single "Live Life Out Loud" gives listeners a sense of hope for the future and reminds them to live their lives unapologetically and authentically. The entire 4-piece is powering through with a bright blend of Electro-Pop elements and uplifting Rock instrumentals, sending the song into a positive and warm atmosphere.

The Sparkle & Fade's single "Live Life Out Loud" opens with a shimmering blend of organic/synthetic instrumentals through Courtney Seely's vibrant synth arrangement, Jeff Callahan's punchy guitar, and Tyler Seely's slick bassline. Once Lindsey Callahan enters the song with her bright and luminous vocals, she begins singing of how time manages to fly, and we're left watching our lives flash before our eyes.

Encouraging us to live our lives with authenticity and independence, The Sparkle & Fade continues through this warm song with their modern Rock instrumentals that perfectly compliment Lindsey Callahan's uplifting message and soaring vocal abilities. Ending the song off on an inspirational note with help from The Sparkle & Fade's fluid instrumentals, we love what they have to offer through this supreme and inspirational single, "Live Life Out Loud."

Hello The Sparkle & Fade, thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. Why did your band want to create such an inspirational single that reminds listeners to live unapologetically with "Live Life Out Loud?"

The concept behind Live Life Out Loud came from the challenges one faces with living a truly authentic and integrated life. Our band wanted to have the song highlight how the ways in which we define ourselves behaviorally- being busy, working, parenting, being a partner- can leave us looking back saying, "where am I?" To live life out loud is to slow down enough to be who you know yourself to be, and really own it in every possible way. This is how we will grow and get the most out of life.

Speaking on the lyricism within your single "Live Life Out Loud," did Courtney Seely solely handle the song's lyric writing? How did she write the lyrics to be universally relatable?

Yes- Courtney wrote all of the lyrics for this song. There is not intentionality around making lyrics universally relatable, but she has experience writing lyrics for a number of years and she tends to use themes that allow the listener to be able to take the story they hear and find relevance in it. With this song, she made a point to not be too specific about the content while holding tight to a theme many can connect to.

Do you have a particular creative process when formulating your instrumentation and sonics? How did this go about for your single "Live Life Out Loud?"

This song came out of a bass riff that then was transferred to other instruments. The main piano part was formulated this way, and then the rest of the instruments were layered around those themes. Then once all of the instrumentation was set, the lyrics were written.

Seeing as your band is relatively new information, how do your released songs help listeners get to know you? What themes or concepts should we expect from you in the future?

While our band is new, our connections run very deep. We are a group made up of two sisters and their husbands- all of whom have a history of playing in bands prior to this group. Our songs are a way for us to explore growth, relationship, love, and loss. We are looking to continue experimenting with our creativity, using the group as a place to express feelings openly. Because all four of us bring a different element to the group, each song has a bit of uniqueness based on who wrote it and we expect that to continue in our future as well.

What can listeners anticipate to hear in the new year?

Early in the new year, we will be releasing another single off of our current album and in the Spring our album of 8 songs will be released!

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