The Upstart Crows A Brooklyn Duo That's Catching Buzz With Their New Music

The Upstart Crows is made up of members, Jon Adams (Guitar, Vocals) and Forest DeCoste (Drums, Bass). The Upstart Crows formed in the fiery pits of the DIY music scene in Keene, NH. After finishing school they, promptly moved to NYC to pursue their dramatized blend of folk, rock and punk. The duo have played at Piano's, Parkside Lounge,Gold Sounds and Desmond's Tavern since they arrived and have also just released their debut self-titled album. Their musical style has hints of classic country and folk influence and are supported by loud 'in-your-face' punk-inspired rhythms. These elements, complemented by reflective (sometimes borderline theatrical) breaks in songs ensure that each live show comes packed with manic energy, lightheartedness and an ever increasing urge to dance along.

On their self titled album, they have twelve songs and each of them has their own sound, while keeping within their blend of folk, rock and punk. “Bad Medicine” is their first track off of the album and we are met with heart punching riff and bass line. Influences of Irish folk is heard with the triads and triplets used. The chorus is something to be noted of they are able to create an elongated sound while going back to the original triplet beat. The structure of the song is folk while the sound is rock and punk especially with its driving bass line. Theatrics are heavily used with the voice acting that Adams is able to create. Make sure to add this track to your playlist here!

Get to know the Brooklyn Duo, The Upstart Crows that have been catching our attention with their new song

Care to introduce yourselves to our readers?

We (Jon Adams & Forest Decoste) are The Upstart Crows, are a two piece garage rock band from Brooklyn NY.

How long have you all known each other? How did you meet?

We meet back in 2013 while we were both in school at Keene State College up in NH, we had both been cast in the schools production of Spring Awakening. We started jamming after rehearsal once I found out that forest played the drums and the rest is history.

How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together a Band?

It's hard to say, you really don't notice change while it's happening. But listening to early demos of our stuff to now I can tell that we are getting better as songwriters. Each new song seems better than the last, in my opinion.

We absolutely love your new song! Can you tell us a bit about it and the writing process behind it?

Since this is my first record the songwriting process for most of the songs are the same. I would collect some chord processes and hooks, then Forest and I would go through it, polishing it and working on it until we had a song. Then based on where the music goes I would write a story that would have the music as its soundtrack.

Where did the inspiration behind this song come from?

I was thinking a lot about toxic people and how they affect our lives. I had just dealt with a awful person who was pretending to be my friend, but was in face using me. Everything they did was under the banner of “Helping” me.

Do you prefer the digital or more traditional way (cd, lp etc) of getting your music to your fans, why?

Though I like LPs as a piece of art. I think I would have to say digital, just because I feel my musical exploration exploded after I discovered serves like Spotify. It just allows you to stumble upon music you never thought you would find. Like The Upstart Crows.

Any upcoming shows in the near future? For a new fan who hasn’t seen you live yet, how would you describe your live performance?

We have a show every month in the New York City area. We are playing the Nest in Brooklyn 10/14 at 6:30pm and The Waystation in Brooklyn 11/30 at 11pm.

What’s next for the band?

We are working on new music maybe a new album or ep. Also we would like to start touring outside New York City. We just want to keep growing and we have a lot of plans.

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