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The Vulnerable Sound Of KYTLY Proves She Is “Not The Jealous Type”

KYTLY has been chasing possibilities since moving from England to Canada at the age of 12. After discovering her love for music and writing songs, one band led to another until she formed The Caraways with ex-Weakerthans bassist and husband John Sutton. The short-lived indie-rock band ultimately split up, but KYTLY dived right into debuting a solo career.

The now Hamilton-based vocalist has returned to display her brand of fierceness and fearlessness as she continues demonstrating her willingness to reinvent herself and make hard decisions to find the right path forward.

Within the sounds of her edgy and sensual new single, "Not The Jealous Type," we have a bold depiction of KYTLY's unapologetic persona.

Her sultry and elusive vocal performance unravels with proceeding anticipation as the record builds in intensity alongside the detailed lyricism KYTLY professes.

As we tap into the instrumentation, a simplistic ease slowly burns through each melody as we waver between crunchy guitar riffs and sustaining reverberations that propel this song's lulling mystery and underlying narrative. The rhythmic punch of the drums keeps our fingers and toes tapping as we eagerly await every word KYTLY magnetically performs and draws us into the depths of her heart's findings.

"Not The Jealous Type" is a post-breakup anthem that untangles prompts of the lack of control we have over every aspect of life. KYTLY's brilliant lyrics comfort us as she reminds us it's okay not to have that special power and also signs caution to weigh a person's words against their actions carefully and act accordingly.

Overall, KYTLY is a wizard setting a sonic tone so bold that we cannot help but latch in for the ride. So if you're looking for a friendly reminder and a song to empower you through the motions of a breakup, KYTLY has you covered with "Not The Jealous Type."

Listen to "Not The Jealous Type" on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, KYTLY! Congratulations on the release of your latest track, "Not The Jealous Type." It's great to hear how you pair this sultry style with vulnerable findings to bring this song to life. Is "Not The Jealous Type" based on a true story? What inspired its creation?

Thank you! Yes, this song is based on true events. It’s a personal favorite. A post-breakup song that reminds us that we can’t control everything, and that’s okay. Don’t worry about people who use lines to convince you they’re not ready...even while someone else is in their bed!

Do you often find it challenging to tap into such an emotionally raw place when crafting your lyrics? What themes do the majority of your songs convey?

Most of my songs on this album cover heartache, new beginnings, and self-discoveries. I don’t find it challenging to tap into these emotions; that part comes naturally, and it is rather vulnerable to share the finished project!

We're thrilled to hear you're putting the finishing touches on your new album, which is set to be released later this year. What can you tell us about its vision and the collaborations you embarked on to create it?

Yes, thank you! It was such a collaborative and organic album. We took our time. Brian brought in players that suited the style of each song. This was amazing; everyone added sonically a new layer to the song that wasn't there in the demo. There is continuity throughout the album with my style of writing lyrics and vocals, yet each song’s tonality is very unique.

Who are you as an artist and as an individual? Do you find these two worlds collide or stay separate?

I’m lucky enough to say that I've always worked in the arts. As hard as contractual employment is, I've kept myself employed through the last two decades as a creative. I found my place with the misfits in TV and film, and I've been able to produce, write, research, play, and showcase my projects as an artist over the years. Being a mother and an artist does have its challenges. It hasn't been easy, but the most rewarding of all my creations.

What advice do you have for your audience struggling with letting go of the control you speak of in "Not The Jealous Type?"

My advice is to do yoga!! Try to acknowledge and not react. It’s your story; it’s their story, and there will be many more opportunities to fall in love. Genuinely.


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