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The Warm Blooded Prove Their Fire is Still Ever-Present in "Skinflint Shimmy"

Alternative/Rock band The Warm Blooded is here to showcase the intricate multi-genre blend that sets them apart from the current standard.

As a four-piece band, The Warm Blooded consists of bassist and lead singer Maxwell Cary, guitarists Eli Davidson and Tito Woods, and drummer Sean Moriarty. They're easily distinguishable with their fast, hard and fierce sound; once you experience the true intensity of this LA-based band, it'll be difficult to get that sound out of your head, leaving you wanting more and more, and well, more.

Ferocity immediately strikes with the introduction of The Warm Blooded latest track, "Skinflint Shimmy." The songs striking guitar riffs strike the air and plunge listeners into a depth of raging energy. There's no getting away from the potent force of The Warm Blooded, and "Skinflint Shimmy" ensures that once you begin the listening journey, there's no escaping.

The lyricism itself also brings a certain compelling energy to it, and if you take the time to thoroughly listen through once or twice, you'll understand the narrative that the band is attempting to communicate.

All in all, The Warm Blooded released utmost vehemency in "Skinflint Shimmy." and we're ultimately left in anticipation for their next single release.

What inspired the essence of "Skinflint Shimmy" and how were you hoping it would get translated across your audience? Skinflint Shimmy was inspired by a fascination with the word 'skinflint', which is an archaic way of calling someone a cheapskate or a miser. The term comes from before cigarette lighters were commonplace, and most folks would carry around a piece of flint to light their candles or cigarettes. A skinflint was someone who would hold onto a piece of flint until it was so thin and worn down that they'd end up striking their own skin, either because he was too cheap or too broke to replace it. This song is meant to reflect that kind of desperate ingenuity that a poor man would appreciate and a rich man would scoff at. Can you describe the level of collaboration that went into the writing of "Skinflint Shimmy"? How did the process go about and was it a collective construct from the band? The basic outline of the song was originally written by singer and bassist of the band, Maxwell Cary, however, the song began to really take shape after the band was assembled and nuances were developed through collaboration, practice, and live performance. The final cherry on top was the featured guitar solo by guitarist Dylan Neuens of the band Shadows of the Cloud. What does "Skinflint Shimmy" ultimately mean to the band? This is a big deal for us. Skinflint Shimmy is our first step out into the world as The Warm Blooded. This is our introduction and our first impression, and we're hoping it's a good one. Where is the sound and style of The Warm Blooded extending from here, now that "Skinflint Shimmy" has been released? I think the idea behind what we do and the music we write has always been to take the familiar rock styles of the '80s, '90s, and '00s and find a way to keep them both relevant and authentic. Skinflint Shimmy is a straight-forward hard-hitting rock n' roll song and I think that's exactly what we set out to do with this song and in general. What's next for you as we enter 2021? It's hard to be certain of anything nowadays given the current state of the industry, but we've got a few more songs that we're eager to announce and put out, and we'll be dropping details on that soon. We'll be hitting the studio to lay down some fresh tracks before too long, and we'd *love* to get out and play some shows but... you know... fingers crossed!


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