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The Wistful Larks Cover Post Malone's, "Allergic," With a Minty Rock 'n' Roll Twist

Sailing off the whirlwind of their anticipated upcoming EP, The Wistful Larks release a cover of Post Malone's, "Allergic," featuring a hearty abundance of rock provoked sonic vapor.

It's a bid to develop their latest sonic aesthetic while also paying homage to their inspirations by taking an original urban concept single and decorating it with retrograde instrumentals, fashionable riffs, and an idiosyncratic approach to vocals; sounding something like a mix of The Killers and an early 2000's the Arctic Monkeys. 

Compared to the original, The Wistful Lark's version of "Allergic" doesn't overlook the swaying rock 'n' roll-inspired cadence behind Post Malone's meticulously articulated contemporary productions. In fact, they double down on that rock-influenced characteristic of the song.

Festering over clean-driven amps, hunkering drums, and a swoony vocal tonality, this Chicago-bred trio takes on a big assignment covering one of the most prominent names in contemporary music, and they come out the other end with a triumphant rendition.

Decorating the topic of Post Malone's substance-induced turbulence with scintillating guitar solos and animated transitions that carry you into the well-known hook, "Too bad for you

So sad, but true." The band maintains a lithe silhouette throughout despite the melancholy diffusing from the lyrics.

It's inspiring to hear the innovative approach these budding artists take when presented with the challenge of taking something prominent and rendering something separate, but close at the same time. 

Their cover of "Allergic" is a welcoming introduction to the new catalog The Wistful Larks plans on dropping, and it's got listeners itching for more.

What sorts of emotions were you trying to focus on in your performances for "Allergic"? Were you trying to mirror the same sentiments Post Malone did on the original?

I think the sentiment overall is the same. I think the approach and how you arrive at it is different. We grasped more on that “demons” aspect of the song and brought out the energy and maybe stuck a bit of angst in the track. 

Why was Post Malone the choice behind the sorts of energy and vibe you wanted to draw incentive from for your newest upcoming music?

His dynamic range and color are similar to what we try and achieve. He can go from an incredible hype track to a meaningful somber one and manage to keep you engaged. He’s also great at balancing the dark and bright in music within his writing. Creating a sometimes dark atmosphere but then filling it with energy and hope. It’s those human elements that inspire our writing. 

Can you run us through the process you took to create this cover? Where did the journey start, with a riff, MIDI notes, or maybe a drum-beat?

It started and centers around that intro bassline which was originally a guitar riff. We were also trying to figure out how we could make this cool and make sense with primarily guitars. We used a vintage Magnatone amplifier with vibrato to get those tones you first hear when the guitar comes in. I think that was the point we knew it would work and that we were making it uniquely our own. 

If you could prefix the experience and intention behind your cover of 'Allergic,' for your listeners, what would you feel the need to say and why? 

Enjoy the track. Our goal was to make simply a fun listening experience. We also wanted to showcase our sound and the vibe we’re going to create with our original music. 

This year has been extremely difficult for the music industry. What has been your biggest source of inspiration while creating new music, this year?

Well, we were lucky enough to finish writing and recording before everything stopped. For us, the process of unveiling these tracks to fans and creating the visual identity for this next record is getting us through the year. 



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